Experience and lessons of two months’ experience in operating supply source websites


two months ago, the author of a supply information website officially launched, after nearly two months of operation, which mixed with sorrow, there is also sweet acid. Today I would like to share with you two months of website operation experience, I hope this article will help you to watch. Well, don’t talk nonsense first. Let’s take a look at it,

on-line the same day, Baidu, Google included


on-line two months later, that is, today’s collection of


you can see, the station on the line that day was Baidu included a page (home), and Google actually included more than 500, this is even happy. But behind is awesome, in a month not included the amount reached more than 900, today just more than 1200.

why then the station just on-line can quickly be included in the Baidu, and many webmaster standing on the line is almost more than 10 days, still not included, and this is exactly why?. In fact, a web site would like to be quickly included in the search engine, they have to meet their appetite, usually, independent IP station can be more easily Baidu or Google like, including the speed of course is also quite fast. In addition, the structure of the page is also important, not too disorderly, tree type web directory structure is the best. I stood on the line just now, I immediately released a soft Wen, I think the reason is included in the speed so fast, and this soft text has a certain relationship,


then we’ll look at the site keyword rankings,

, this is the rank

in the second half of the line


, this is the keyword ranking chart two months later,


from the above we can see that in a short period of two months in the keyword ranking has undergone great changes, although a few keywords index is the selection of the station, but the competition is still relatively large, so what am I the reason why let the key words in just one month’s time to enhance the ranking suddenly dozens of the first? I insist on time update the content, this is very important, you may begin a few days did not feel what, but once the spider used you to update the site will be flat rate, on time every day to crawl your site, so the new content you released the same day it is easier to quickly get included. In addition, the content of the original is also very important, I usually three points, the original seven points pseudo original.

then you must focus on the chain of powerful function of website ranking! At first the main site keyword ranking more than 80 when the site outside the chain was more than 500, considerably less! But because of the construction of the chain will persevere, "