Practical application of original article

in the previous article the author describes some personal views for the original article, in fact, in the previous article simply describes some skills needed to the original article, is to pay attention to the original in the commonly used way of writing and writing in place, but the author emphasizes here, even beyond the original article can notice that tells where not through the practical application, this article will be of no use in.

first of all, does the article use it in place?. Very simple, an article about the website construction technology of the article, you are telling the whole how to carry out the method and means on the construction site. But such articles are published on a female website or placed on a website for beauty and slimming, without expressing the content of the article. Perhaps for SEOer, this is an effective way to optimize, I do not discuss here. And for more original articles, your article content has a definite goal, no, is your article is a soft Wen, or a hard text, or pure emotion of the article, this all have exquisite.

secondly, the attention or heat of the original article. Has a good original article been noticed? This is a very important place. And search engines, an article that can bring traffic, in fact, not search engines through the original collection of your article and bring traffic. A very simple example, the search engine is generally very interested in the original article, not because of the original article in the content or optimization do well, but the search engine is actually like people, love can not read the article, but it is only for the collection. To enhance the degree of concern is the original article or heat is more for an article in the value and the position (a post at the end of the world and a small website published in the comparison, we can draw the effect, do not believe you can go try). But I emphasize here, whether your article is on the big web site or small website, you should consider should be able to be included.

again, what effect can the article bring?. SEOer website optimization, the purpose is to enhance the site’s ranking, traffic and so on, the article is a tool for optimization. Now, SEOer mainly through the form of dissemination of the article to optimize the site, a good article is often able to bring unexpected results to the site. The band is connected with the flow, with keywords is more commonly used word optimization technique of the article, an article can bring much effect, it needs to summarize the experience of the individual and the author’s own culture and culture etc..

The application of the practical application of

original articles in many range, the author summarizes the several aspects, but in practical applications, where the original article and what we see now have appeared unimaginable situation. Welcome everyone to share experience with me.