Final Fantasy director wants to make a Zelda game

first_imgA long time ago, back before Nintendo lost its way trying to innovate rather than make good games and before Square Enix went all-in on the Fabula Nova Crystallis train wreck, gamers would dream of star-studded mashups between the two. It’d be a kind of property exchange program, where Square Enix would make a Zelda game and Nintendo would take the reins on a Final Fantasy — Link and friends in a JRPG format, and some skinny dude with asymmetrical pant legs traveling through a Zelda-style puzzle dungeon. That kind of collaboration never happened, and though the chances remain slim, it’s at least now being openly discussed.The director of the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV (seriously, the game was announced in 2006, originally as Final Fantasy Versus XIII), Hajime Tabata, was recently asked in an interview with Dengenki PlayStation which game franchise he’d like to work on most. He said he’s “not quite sure why myself, but a Zelda game made with the technology and know-how of Final Fantasy XV is the game I wish to create at the moment,” avoiding the irony of praising the technological know-how of a game that has experienced a decade-long troubled development.Nintendo, as we know by now, is both notoriously stubborn and extremely protective of its properties. While some might say Square Enix has followed Nintendo’s traditional fingers-in-ears-while-yelling approach to listening to the desires of the gaming masses, the company has, at least, been pretty open with publishing a wide variety of game genres and trying new things with Final Fantasy.As for both companies’ upcoming big-name games, Final Fantasy XV is set to release sometime next year, while the potentially very promising open world Wii U Legend of Zelda has been delayed indefinitely.Image credit: Alex Acevedolast_img