Case study comment on the operation of 8 characteristic communities



community and business model: low frequency and high decision (user size) is the most suitable for the business community to do the operation method, you can use the community flow conversion can also direct it to provide services, such as members of the global black card service from the App to return to the community.

2. in the community make the supply and demand of closed loop: read a lot of community is facing the C end of the one-way information flow model, can the demand side and the supply side link with the community, create demand stamp and platform with very low cost is a kind of new ideas, such as designers and producers, sellers and channels.

3. groups of students pay ability: at present, the relatively large size of the action, in the early stage of wandering in various universities, the rapid scale expansion of a very large number of seed users, mainly to help students quickly find the confused life breakthrough, and get a good return operation. The content of sharing will include how to find yourself and make sure that you are your present, time management, efficiency improvement and so on.

of course, these cases except for my community service operations inspire their own direction and interaction is very interesting, here I choose from 100 community 8 special share to you, for your business might also help… It will at least make you feel that the community can continue to spend time.

1, user re purchase community

I was invited to join my membership when I bought fruit near the neighborhood. After joining the group, it is found that you can enjoy different membership privileges.

currently members of the group 300+, every day the boss regularly brush discount goods, members of the group can not only understand first-hand preferential information, you can also order in the group to buy fruit, businesses near the delivery. Because most of the people around, so we will be old replacement, information sharing and so on. The activity of the group is good, and the transformation is only known by the businessman. (PS: the boss is very good, the soul role.


comment: since Ali yunqi conference in October 2016, Ma proposed the concept of new retail, more and more fresh and super are to rely on this concept, do not know this by optimizing the localization of sales in the form of fresh community is a new retail.

2, user transformation community

, the community, was created 1 months before the primary accounting exam, in order to advertise a sprint course for their family.


community is active in the fixed time every day, a dedicated colleague students do, after we discuss the answers, we have re released analysis, the text also has video; online exams, students completed their own and sun.

also has thousands of content output every day, without taking questions, >