Website how to carry out word of mouth promotion

mentioned word of mouth promotion, most people think it is more mysterious than SEO, in fact, any kind of promotion means are regular and circulation, and today share with you part of the website reputation promotion experience.

word of mouth promotion first step: let users remember your website

if you want users to remember your website, you need to do the following:

1, website should have characteristics, including positioning, content, design and so on;

2, especially good to show, let users quickly know your website to bring its benefits;

3, the domain name is particularly easy to remember and spread, the name of the website is also particularly easy to remember and spread.

word of mouth promotion second step: to allow users to browse your website when feeling very good,

How does

make users feel better,


1, server speed must be fast,

this is a very important factor, to the user "quick" feeling, users will naturally like your site.

2, website design must be humane,

website design, do not follow the same pattern to imitate, want to stand to the user’s point of view to consider, how to make the user convenient, how to design.

3, show your benefits in a straightforward way,

many sites have a lot of good stuff, but they’re always so obscure that it’s hard to let users see your benefits on the first page of your web site. Do web site is not engaged in art, do not engage in obscurity, the more direct the better.

: for example, when the voice network is optimized for human use, add the following words on its new user registration page:

ü has its own music blog, his love of music all add to the music blog, then there is no need to find the Internet every time.

ü: with your own music blog, you can upload your music, flash and DV to the Internet and share

with lots of friends

ü: with your music blog, you’ll become a new human being in a new era. Your life will be colorful because of the music blog!


ü have a music blog, you and Dao Lang, he has become a network of neighbors, you may also like them as famous


as long as the user entered the registration page, as long as read the benefits of these statements, we will not wait to register as soon as possible.

word of mouth promotion third steps: in the key position of the page, suggesting that the user to word of mouth publicity,

if you don’t remind users, most users won’t take the initiative to help you advertise, but once you’re heavy on the page