Taobao day 200 webmaster actual combat experience sharing

maybe you see this article, you and I am also guest. So congratulations to you, if your station has not yet achieved stable profit, it is suitable for you to look at the text I wrote the following. First, let me briefly tell my guest experience:

himself started contacting Taobao in 2010 and October, and later studied SEO, web code, and PS, which took more than 1 years (completely from scratch), into various training courses, and bought domain names and spaces. A lot of Taobao customers are actually coming this way. Do you have? This road kankankeke, go hard, but persevered, and basically realized stable profit. But this kind of insistence is not "accidental", and it is the result of diligent thinking.

here is one of my station’s income plans. Steadily increasing revenues from 2012 until the single station achieved a 200 breakthrough. This process is a process of continuously improving the conversion rate, and will also be shared in the text.


how to achieve Taobao single station into 200? I only share 6 words – "more brains, more thinking."".

first: think about how to improve your execution.

as an excellent Taobao customer, we often hear people say "executive power"". So, do you often check your own "execution"? Do you have any bias in your understanding of executive power?

my understanding of executive power is that attention is highly focused; I am diligent in thinking and summarizing. Many people understand the execution is a "brute force" + "hardship". Every time you talk about execution, you look down on it. What needs to be corrected here is that execution is not just physical activity, it’s also a high intensity mental activity. Actions that can be implemented by programs or plug-ins, simplify him, and be able to process them. A lot of people do not perform very well. One important reason is that they are physically unwilling to act and are reluctant to use their brains.

tip: at first, we can use free tools to save effort. After that, the website makes money. We can call people to order tools to help us save money. This is a train of thought, any work link can be fully automatic or semi-automatic, we need to continue to simplify. Otherwise, even if you set up a studio later, it would be a less efficient team.

second: think about how to write high quality soft text.

The update of

website article is the headache problem of stationmaster all the time. Is there any way to save energy? When you do something that feels very painful and tired, you should use your head to think. Because the method is always more than the difficulty". The best way is not for others, but for your own thinking. Because thinking can make progress faster.

our writing ideas are usually single line divergent thinking. >