Four years to take a sweeping alley in the winter of the pure literature website

remember the night of November 23, 2005, a simple site built with the red bird’s self help site program was born in just a few minutes. The site was then created by a very stingy name – Songxian reading network. Because it uses free space and programs, the original purpose of the creator is to play with it. At first it was just filling in some articles written by the founders themselves and friends.


has made the station, must advertise. In the local media, a little publicity, even there are one or two people who like literature added to the. And a hair is a pile. And then a ten, ten hundred, in the following two years, gradually have hundreds of thousands of people to come. So the site was renamed a literary network. The first is Songxian literature network, too stingy, to elegant Luoyang, is still too stingy. The founder of ambition is more and more big, want to do the station, then changed to sweep the flower alley. Now, it’s a brief process, and it seems to take a lot of luck, but only the creator knows how much effort he has invested.

was used as a free space and program of the station, elegant Luoyang miraculously turned to its glorious summit. However, he can not change the program can not backup restrictions, coupled with the literary website as a simple procedure, so that the creator is very uneasy. So in the winter of 2007, he decided to sign up with a company and make a powerful literary website according to his own ideas. A few months after making and revising, May 1, 2008, New Folk Literature Network officially launched publicity flowers sweep. This year, flower production to sweep alley space costs a total investment of over 6000 yuan, these costs are mostly from the founder of personal investment, funded in part from a friend.

alley sweeping flowers put into operation, many of the original artistic Luoyang authors do not understand, they have deep feelings for there, feel strange unacceptable to the railway station. The station has been deserted for the past month. He decided to turn off the elegance of Luoyang founder, now the new energy development in essence. At that time, Luoyang has issued more than 5000 elegant article. So many articles how to transfer the new station, is a huge problem. Although repeatedly propaganda, mobilization of the author’s own transfer of articles, but few people interested. So the creator of a week, a registered member of the old station name, and an article manual transfer of original article, transferred after a review and…… Long plucking to help complete the audit work most of the fingers turn sour, eye ache…… In the cruel turn off the old station, alley sweeping flowers finally slowly gathered popularity, developed.

after a year of development, now has become a standing flower alley and domestic first-class pure literature websites, and the first to achieve a payment of royalties to the author. The pure literature website now at the scene is very difficult, the old banyan tree name pure almost shut down, netrose was acquired and converted into a grand literary fiction website based on. >