How should WeChat’s public numbers face the market’s major disarmament

The development is

since last year, WeChat public subscription number is on the sky, is mainly based on the attributes of the different appeared different categories of public numbers, this is the result of blossom everywhere making public number platform constitute a huge information exchange network, so that the pattern fully displayed in the mobile client. Some of the public and Internet sites compared to the trend of speculation can dominate the world, new horizons will usher in the mobile network, has been building a piece of meat to civil, the fear of late, it is after all in the second half of last year to show the most incisive overnight. WeChat public crashed, the total number of nearly six million, is constantly increasing.


, however the result is not imagined so smoothly, a lot of subscription number interest at the beginning of the March, the potential abuse of the siege, set off waves of a trend, but after the storm, according to the long downturn, a lot of WeChat public face is really can’t do anything for the development of the public number, WeChat on the whole is not optimistic. Because development is affected by many weakness, beat a retreat is not a few, WeChat public number also needs long-term perspective, a lot of people dahushangdang. Then the current operating conditions, the future development of the WeChat public account where from.

public numbers are facing serious price and no market phenomenon, and it is difficult to develop a powerful breakthrough. The face of such a majority of the emergence of WeChat public number, in the context of massive information, want to survive, want to form a competitive edge, the struggle is very intense. After a market has been eliminated, the final answer is, want to compete in the WeChat public number, you need to have some brush, with the real thing, without the slightest false. WeChat public want to dominate the landscape, it is so easy, the internal pressure of competition does not say, old media more is not a vegetarian, they also vigorously develop the mobile terminal, such as light will imperceptibly, WeChat platform network hard to crush one by one, pay the East flow. WeChat public, Daxing civil, after all not have user groups to pay, but WeChat user groups in the saturation stage, had no obvious advantage, which led directly to the public number is not popular in WeChat.

The amount of

reading works well with the drainage link, ensuring that content originality is not helpful. WeChat public numbers rise soon, most are without any foundation, a mining road to explore, slowly fly low, because there is no professional knowledge, no fans, no business experience as the supporting conditions, naturally no way to continue to play. In order to win more reading, many public numbers know that we must first solve the problem of drainage, so we can see a lot of public numbers in the implementation of paid powder activities, send red packets to concessions…… Pay attention to the advantages. This method is effective in short-term, but standing in the user’s point of view, will be more than a dozen interested public number, even if the push over, look really is not certain, if frequent push, there will be cancelled closed may.