April Fool’s day, Baidu is kidding me

it’s so weird today. Baidu knows it’s April Fool’s day and plays jokes on me. Here’s the thing:

a station "my customer network" www.triers.cn, was established in December last year, the basic original, are their own coinage, at least pseudo original. Baidu soon included. IP several.

this winter vacation back to school soon found in several Baidu keyword ranked in the top three, all no, ran on page seventh, and I am sad, IP is full of Google, in the forum disseminated for a long time, want to build a website, exactly the same, then get a space, good procedures, update 20 articles, these articles are basically copied from the school library books should belong to the original. Finish these, and feel not much significance, do not want to get this site. A few days later, the website was closed by me.

today I found a bit on the Baidu keyword test network, was I closed the site in third place, http://s.baidu.com/s? Wd=%CA%D4%BF%CD%CD%F8, I was unconscious. This site is open, that is, 5 days, and then i banned web access, and I can not even click on the web site. I only have to quickly turn this www.shikes.cn web site to my old website www.triers.cn.

April Fool’s day, Baidu played a joke on me, but I like it. I Shandong people university Chinese language major, do not know any other code, a little bit know, html is stupid, no girlfriend, online only money did not earn money. Welcome to contact me: qq625329420