Cao Cao example analysis of a good domain name on the importance of the site

webmaster friends know, Google in technology and character are far more than Baidu, but why Google in China has been playing Baidu, but many people want to say, is Google don’t understand chinese. That’s just Baidu’s bluff. "We know Chinese better. Don’t take it seriously.".

said that if Google does not understand marketing (Marketing China) almost every day in Shanghai, how many companies will be Baidu phone harassment, a decoration company of our newly established group website, I have just one day on-line, sent a message to the market online, Baidu will immediately call. In Baidu on a popular word, take "Shanghai decoration company" this word, Baidu home front ten results are promotion links, the right side is more. Sometimes I think, Baidu is almost with many of our grassroots Adsense garbage station almost, all advertising. Google did not. So why is Google so good, Baidu so bad, Baidu users still so much,


first cut a map for everyone to see, every day in Baidu search Google’s Baidu index:


why do people clearly to Google, but Baidu search on Baidu Google search? To speak up really ridiculous, but it is a fact Chinese Internet, you forget a company’s Web site, but remember his name, you tend to go to Baidu search. Here comes the domain name: Baidu is the domain name is Chinese natural Shuangpin phrases, while Google is google. We Chinese spell pinyin is unexpected, GOOGLE corresponds to Google. Play the domain of agricultural m know Larry domain are often more valuable, it is almost not registered.COM domain name was larry. The Baidu site is in line with Chinese habits and hobbies, as long as the baidu primary school can spell it out, GOOGLE? I’m afraid that if he is not a global enterprise, high visibility, few people can directly spell out.

PS: later, Google acquired the two domains of and, in order to make up for this deficiency.

cite some examples: when I just learned to surf the Internet, Sina also used Baidu search, because let me can’t think of sina. YAHOO might have reminded me of, and would have been typing into, which turned out to be the wrong site. I said, I also choose wrong results is a station I, do is download DEDE template and download collection rules, the results enabled the domain name I don’t think anyone can directly enter the URL come in, station and domain name didn’t take. Just relying on search engines for traffic is one of my mistakes.

again, let’s talk about the success of the Internet because of domain names (at least domain names): when eBay was in China, Taobao