Combination of taboos and misunderstandings — matters needing attention in the exchange of friends’

Links, said simply is between the station and the exchange links, it is one kind has certain resources complementary advantages of cooperation website, through the collection of search engines to drive the site traffic increase, and make the links both to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, which has become one of the usual means of promotion. Exchange chain is a technology live, high quality Links is not a simple looking website and then exchange can meet the trouble, there are a lot of matters needing attention in the process, especially on the taboo should not set foot in what areas. With its own exchange experience, talk about the exchange of friends chain should pay attention to specific matters.

first of all, there are some prerequisites for exchanging links, which include:

1, change links before querying the other party’s PR value and other messages. This is a prerequisite for exchange links, the other party’s Web site PR value, ALEXA rankings, Baidu included, the site’s export links and friends chain quality, etc., are the basic factors need to be investigated. The enemy can return to the high quality of the chain, these conditions must be included: the real PR is greater than or equal to the station, ALEXA ranking, Baidu included snapshot, update speed, large flow, a chain of high quality, moderate export link etc..

2, the other website is related to their own?. The correlation is the basis of friendly chain, because the content related keywords has certain similarity, thus inadvertently enhance the website itself keyword density and both the rank of the website, so the content related site exchange Links achieve the effect is the best.

secondly, in the process of friends chain, we should put an end to the phenomena and traps:

1, and not spam sites exchange friends chain. This has been the situation that most webmasters try to avoid. As is known to all, the content of the garbage station is for short-term quick money and pieced together, although some of the included volume is quite big, but these content just to make the station looks more substantial and reprinted everywhere. Most garbage stations do not have actual original content, and the quantity of the exported links will make your website get no weight. And once found by the search engine, the punishment will also harm your web site, for the healthy development of your site, the loss of interest, or as little as possible to let it happen.

2 does not exchange sites with JS links. Search engines don’t grab JS linked websites, which means that even if the link is invalid, so the link is definitely not changed. In addition, the search page doesn’t grab the content from the IFRAME, so if the other party puts your friend in the IFRAME framework, you can’t exchange it. There are links to the code added to the nofollow tag site can not be added, these cases are to resolutely put an end to.

3, not illegal, cheating class bad website links. If the content of the other web site contains vulgar content (such as yellow, gambling, poison, etc.), then don’t do it