f we don’t have a search engine, what else do we have

these days have been updated their website, but site:www.syh360.com, included or less poor, this is a period of time to do a web site, a few months, arrogant Baidu or birds do not bird. But every day and had to update a few articles, although all of their original, but small web site or no visibility, attract less people. But abandon, and heart unwilling. Always believe and hope in the day, site to its traces. Sometimes I really don’t know what to do for IP, or for the money that can’t be real anymore, but without the search engine. What’s left of you?. I don’t have a search engine here. It doesn’t mean that the search engines will disappear from the Internet, but that the search engines are very strong. Existence and network, but not in your moment. Do you really do not know whether or not you belong to yourself, or without Baidu, what’s left of you?.


web site to make money, if there is no traffic that is just blah. But where does the traffic come from? 80% of the traffic in small sites comes from search engines. Now do so long, web site or nobody cares, only that poor more than 100 IP, and other people’s Web site there are so many IP traffic, the same web site, the same content, but has the same ending. The search engine can indeed bring you to dare to believe the flow, but in the online search engine mixed know this bowl of rice is not good, there are tens of thousands of flow back to you maybe tomorrow will bring you today may be pulled out, pull you pull clean means that you are dead, after all, search engine not specifically for you, just like Baidu did, let many webmaster play fast and loose, feel very helpless. What’s left of the search engine? What’s the answer? There’s no need to say anything.

if you still occupy the drift on the Internet, if you are a grassroots webmaster, if you rely on is the search engine, if today you see someone selling virtual host is cattle themselves today do virtual hosting tomorrow to see others do network promotion is very good today hundreds of knife also immediately to get a network promotion……. Such people should wake up, blindly follow the trend of making you more passive. Internet obsessed webmasters. Although the miracle and wealth in the Internet there are countless, but for what we are not only on that day and night several updates to the live station grass-roots webmaster or so far, if you believe you are the shit, that’s a different story.

so, personal feeling your own website to find a suitable for their own profit order is the most important, slowly make it stronger and bigger, to do for their own development, give full play to their potential, not blindly rely on search engines, perhaps Baidu weren’t very happy to give you k off. Do not have to live in someone else’s life under the eaves, bow and scrape.

webmaster, especially grassroots webmaster should take good consideration of >!