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website development to a certain extent, we will certainly must expand the existing business scope, but this time the problem came to expand the scale of website is based on the column page or two level domain name? Because the two have different advantages and disadvantages, if it is based on the column page, it will be revision of the website to a certain extent, will affect the stability of the site, and based on the two level domain name, although do not have a certain impact on the station, but this is a new field, we should regard as a new sites to do, energy consumption is relatively large, and the examination time is long, the weight is relatively lower than the main site. So we face the additional plate should not be too tangled, mainly to see their effort on it.

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website should choose a domain name or domain

don’t know why I several webmaster QQ group recently deserted lot, perhaps love Shanghai intolerable K station incident let everyone discouraged, frustrated, left the business owners, may we are looking for more suitable website development, however, since the choice of the business owners, we as in the past to persist, after all, this is our own way, even climb to climb in the past. Especially for the novice friends, the website is not done in a cavity blood, a lot of the time we should think more, in addition to all the time because the site faces a choice, waiting for the choice.


the beginning of the new station should pay more attention to the basic construction of the content and the chain, don’t pay too much attention on the

before the start of the period, will give you explain about the choice of website domain name is definitely not a chicken ribs, because this is an important decision for the future development of the website, because for two level domain name, it is very useful to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, each of the two level domain is equivalent to an independent website promotion can be separated without affecting each other. >

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life is often encountered in the novice friends asked me about the website snapshot of things, some will ask why their website sub points for a month, or no home page snapshot, some will ask your web site snapshot has been normal, but suddenly retreated, in fact, all these problems should be based on the specific case to answer, can not be generalized, probably you are new sites in the sandbox, may your website is in love Shanghai algorithm during the update, so it will be turbulent, but no matter how, as long as you do regular station site, it is a healthy development, and the other day in Shanghai Webmaster Platform also issued a special post. Specify the site snapshot and site quality and Never mind too much, so the root of the web site or the content and the chain, everyone anxious mentality I can understand A new station, but I want to say on the line soon after should not be over valued snapshot, the most important is based on construction site content and the chain, then the snapshot is not a problem.

website category plate needs to be based on the additional two domain names or column page


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