Links exchange three elements let the website in

Links for web site overall weight lifting and keywords ranking to the crucial role for this knowledge is also the previous exchange links such as a commonplace talk of an old scholar, mainly to see each other’s PR value, included in the site, a snapshot of the site, the chain number and so on, from these to judge whether a site suitable for us to exchange, but we found that this method is sometimes not very reasonable, first some data of the website, such as PR, etc. These are included in the site can only reflect the characteristics of a website, can not explain this website must be suitable to our website, some websites have a special Links a site specialist, a bit "abnormal" phenomenon has been revoked, and some is not the integrity of the exchange links, make up after two or three days after withdrawal Out of all of our sites are unfavorable, so in order to better their website development, here I summed up the three elements of the exchange links:

1, the wording of Title website. To see whether a site optimization, from which.

three, looking for potential site exchange

The principle of

two, according to the patient

Links exchange is the most important faith, if two or three days off for the website is of no significance, if there is often such a dishonest phenomenon, then the site is likely because Links withdraw too much, resulting in the phenomenon of website drop right; so the best way is to find themselves familiar with friends exchange, such as their website so we do the Ru, you can create a QQ group, add some friends from the same industry in the long-term discussion, the first to establish a good friendship with each other before, and then discuss the exchange link, this link can relatively long.

before we exchange links only to find those better than our website, if you have such a mentality, then we can not exchange success, in fact the people cheap psychology is not desirable, the best way is to find sites that have the potential to exchange links, once we switched to this type of the website, so is very beneficial for your website. Potential site can be roughly to observe from the following aspects:

, because friendship links strategy

so many people think the website must do Links, and want to change some links in a short time, this too impulsive psychology is not desirable, in the Links exchange should follow the principle of patient, that is to say not very good website, or there are signs of cheating, we should not follow in fact, each other exchange, exchange Links is a long process, it can be with the weights of the website increase the number of links, but the link exchange we should not only take into account the full side of Shanghai dragon, because only for keywords ranking, often let us link too much and miscellaneous, once the search engine drop right, it is a very sad thing.

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