King Mohammed VI Wants More Women in Morocco Religious Bodies

Rabat – King Mohammed VI wants more women Alimates (Muslim scholars) to be represented in the country’s major religious bodies. In a statement carried by Maghreb Arab Press, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs said, on Wednesday, King Mohammed VI gave his “instructions […] to strengthen women’s representation in the spiritual guidance of citizens through the increasing of the number of Alimates within the Superior council and regional councils of Ulemas.”The superior council of Ulemas, a word refers to the religious elite of scholars, is chaired by the Commander of the Faithful King Mohammed VI. The board is composed of the Minister of Islamic Affairs, 30 presidents of the regional councils, the General Secretary and fifteen other theologians appointed by the King.Created in 1981, 35 women are in regional councils and one woman in the Supreme council: Fettouma Kabbaj.According to Article 41 of the Moroccan constitution, the council is the sole instance enabled to comment on the religious consultations (Fatwas) before being officially agreed to, on the questions to which it has been referred and this, on the basis of the tolerant principles, precepts and designs of Islam.

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