Analysis of the latest Shanghai dragon black hat Technology advanced application traffic hijacking

uses this black hat technology, combined with the flow of the hands of the station, we can easily and secretly hijack user flow to achieve the purpose of marketing or Shanghai dragon. But after all, this is a black hat technology, search engine in progress every day, the black hat life cycle is very short, so we do not recommend to use bamboo.

author Nantong Shanghai Dragon (www.banzhu Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) a branch, starting A5, reproduced please specify.

then why did this happen? Looks like love of Shanghai was his control? The owner made a careful analysis of his website source code, find the bottom refers to a JS file, click into place after the point into, this original is very simple, this is the Shanghai dragon flow hijacking technology application.

JS can achieve the following functions: when the user from the major search engines (such as love Shanghai, 360) Click to enter the site, it can realize the page redirect to a page before any, and through other means to enter the site all normal. Interested partners can go to look at.

Shanghai dragon is divided into white hat and black hat two methods. Shanghai dragon black hat refers to those who walk in the search engine algorithm loopholes, to achieve fast access to traffic or the ranking method of using hacking techniques and some search engine algorithm edge vulnerability.

Shanghai Longfeng traffic hijacking case (Figure 1)

The !

this is the black hat Shanghai dragon er’s genius, we do not look carefully, it is very difficult to find the subtle changes in the.

1, open love Shanghai, search for "lift", find the website, as shown below.

Shanghai Longfeng traffic hijacking case (Figure 3)

black hat black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon benefits, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, for a normal commercial website and most personal website, good content, normal optimization, focus on the user experience, it is the road to success.

2, click on this site, you have found what exception? As shown below.

Shanghai Longfeng traffic hijacking case (Figure 2)

Shanghai Longfeng traffic hijacking is the black hat technology, but the most basic traffic hijacking methods have been search engine K to analyze and injured all over the body, you share the advanced application of Shanghai Longfeng traffic hijacking, see real case, the case of network station has not been punished by search engines.

: we just normal one click, and do not have any other operation, before the search of "Shanghai love lifts automatically jump into key hydraulic lifts, and search results into the domain name search results

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