Luxury site you Changba me play whether it will repeat the mistakes of group purchase

2011 group buying market can be described as "barbaric growth", the large group buying site competition is fierce, small and medium-sized buy site "shuffle" under the elimination of nothing left. The spread of e-commerce in the industry has come to the pessimistic thoughts of winter. And on the other side, the plight of luxury websites more people feel that the domestic electricity supplier market is full of "bubble."".

At the end of

, two luxury websites closed

at the beginning of December, Admin5 network owners have repeatedly reported luxury website Huha network failures, Huha network exploded in early December 2011 the website was hacked, open the web page "my hard-earned money" Popup page, later confirmed to the site for internal staff, because the Huha network CEO. Tingkai owe all employees insurance, housing provident fund for half a year, and now people can not see the arrears of wages. The site was then closed to news of bankruptcy. Although the site returned to normal soon, most of the products were already out of stock. Ha ha network was founded in 2006, was the ten largest luxury online shopping platform, and even court Kay said, "Kazakhstan net" home page was black, the main reason is that the company infighting, leadership management turnover. And the industry analysis, call Kazakhstan network business development is very difficult, facing bankruptcy crisis, in addition to market reasons, the promotion strategy is also the main reason for its failure.

The collapse crisis of

ha ha is not only an example, but also a microcosm of the entire luxury online shopping market. Coincidentally, in December 26, 2011, NetEase’s luxury website still products issued a notice, since January 1, 2012 0:00, its L.163. The COM domain name will stop providing the appropriate service. In January 2011, the NetEase officially launched Shang pin. Now, just a year on the line announced the closure, can not help but surprised the industry. According to reports Netease Luxuries line at the beginning of Poxian rush, and luxury site needs a lot of money and other resources, NetEase this year did not put too much money and resources for Netease Luxuries operation, in the face of immature luxury online shopping market, naturally difficult to maintain long-term business, but closed in surprise. Huha network and Netease Luxuries two luxury site closed today highlights the impetuous, e-commerce market is hot under the surface of blindly into a hasty withdrawal, although there are a lot of capital, but the user base and the market environment has not yet reached the expected level.

luxury online shopping environment is not yet mature,

according to the relevant data reports, before 2010, the domestic luxury online shopping market has not yet started, from the beginning of 2010 show explosive growth, 2010, pan luxury online shopping industry financing scale explosive growth, the annual financial disclosure in 12 cases, total financing of $108 million, far more than in the past few years. Only six months into 2011, 12 cases of financing have been disclosed, with a total financing amounting to $283 million. The main reason for the outbreak of the luxury online shopping market, or from the domestic electricity supplier overall market heat up, nearly two years, buy, B2C and other fields hair

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