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‘s timing of entrepreneurship, he says, is not a good time or a bad time. Tens of thousands of economists toil every day to analyze the big trends and small fluctuations. Millions of stock traders are looking forward to buying or selling stocks or index funds at the right time. As a "good food dock boss" once said, "nobody knows anything." Time, like God, operates in a mysterious way. The timing is out of the question."


he finally tasted the sweetness of the Tao do so, still always looking for a chance to re shot. A net friend gave me a home improvement program source code. I have it completely redesigned, made a guest website, although there are still some traces, but it is also easy to use. It is lucky to say that the website revised a few days, but also several transactions, and commission is full of high, because the turnover is a high commission of the weight loss products. read more

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2008, 01,, –2008, January 31st,

Ads Inline

3.CPL data returns in second days.

 :     then you can also set the frequency of the AdSense ad, and you can display the AdSense ad after every 1-5 posts. But the AdSense ad group currently has only 3, and beyond that, the result of the Simon test is that it does not automatically display.

 :    ; Blogger, the free blogging site that was bought by shlf1314, had no more support for AdSense after last year’s support for quick placement of shlf1314 AdSense ads in the sidebar. Today, AdSesne official blog release, should be AdSense website publisher’s request, BloggSpot open support, between articles AdSense Ads Inline advertising. read more

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making money online has become a popular trend. There are several ways to make money online:

this Wangzhuan model is completely rely on money the ideal fudge public psychology, and marketing model, to pull off the assembly line, so this is the test of the ability to talk, but, even if you re strong ability to flicker, flicker even if you succeed, will not appear on this fadacai. Have you ever heard of anyone who can become a generation rich?.

How does

, the first and second need time and good products, and also need good network promotion skills. The third is easier and faster to start online money making. read more

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3 requires some security chain skills.

2 forum publicity skills, raiders.

this site looks wonderful and tiring, but it’s really nothing. Besides, making money isn’t recognized by the major engines. It’s a rather marginal thing. But it has a bright side, too.

2 web site is easy to be popularized, more netizens love pictures website, in addition to the image watermark, are easy to spread on the map.

              the reason to try, one is to discuss shlf1314 bidding operation, in addition, shlf1314 in October when shlf1314 Adwords opened gifts advertising activities inside the advertising is in the idle state, there is no suitable product, is used in the promote Taobao customers. However, the price effect is not ideal, the most important thing is not to click on, because the "search volume to acne products" such words in the shlf1314 are very small, so the long tail word amount is smaller, and some businesses are doing competition to promote their products, if the price is not particularly high if not what the basic flow. So, the higher the unit price, through the auction every day there are several traffic, but in the third days after the bidding adjustment, the natural ranking of all disappeared. At that time, suspicion and bidding have relations, because in the day appeared "go pox and India products" this word, the right side bidding row second, at the same time natural ranking second case. The question also asked ZAC, his answer is "although not 100% believe shlf1314, but so far has not found the natural ranking will be affected by the auction."." In any case, the ranking is no such thing, the flow is only a few from the bidding. read more

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2, check whether there are violations posted

5. paste a paragraph from the comment

introduction to tiger Valley >

finally Zac Zan Hui hope more players to gain experience, practical exploration, recently held duhugu CPS contest is a good opportunity for the station and SEOER to participate in the competition, get a commission to win prizes by combat.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

in October 15, 2011, to win the era of "Sun Guanghua" e-commerce conference, the Chinese SEO legend Zac Zan Hui presided over the two sides of the four SEO Summit Forum, the forum he SEOER how to find the trick to do CPS games expressed their views. read more

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CPS belongs to Amoy advertising, the future development trend of the Tao can be said to be the future trend of CPS type of advertising. In all advertising categories, CPC and CPS must be the two major types of mainstream advertising in the future. CPC not much said, sh419 promotion, GG advertising even began to launch its own Sogou Sogou promotion, it is a mainstream; another is certainly the mainstream CPS, CPS abroad has been quite popular, and we China CPS is still in the initial phase, the CPS leader Ali non Taobao alliance is mom. With the rapid development of Internet, > read more

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this way, I tried it in the last month, I pulled a sale off the line, a month on more than 100 U. s.dollars, and if you rely on PTR offline to get $100, I do not know how long it will take to achieve. Maybe it’s a theory that everyone knows, just to share it with you, maybe to do it. feeds

through the long tail theory, set a pile of small businesses to help him do marketing, promote sell his goods, and marketing promote need exposure, when advertising demand came out. read more

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brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

I would like to say Taobao money is not easy to say love you

          I have opened art shop has been two years, but also brought me no small gains. Shop so far, monthly income has generally been controlled at around ten thousand. Here, I will share these private experiences and share it with you.

          my collection of ancient coins, are years of private collection, also found many friends exchanges and antiques on good stuff, because itself is not practical, and high cost the store opened, not much time, so choose a well-known website to shop, I shop in Taobao first, find the friend is more sensitive to the price, and to China mainly. Later, trying to set up shop on eBay, compared with foreign customers have increased, the relative effect will be better. The monthly income was about two thousand, which was far from what I expected. read more

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however, although did not earn much money, but only from the production site, warning, I still see a new outlook, that is the mobile phone Internet, mobile phone network games, mobile phone video chat, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone conference leisure farm group chat, file transfer, mobile phone mobile phone, mobile phone online pass and shoot a new generation of mobile phone shops and so on, from 2010 will usher in a new era, now, mobile phone or telephone function limitations and some other simple intelligent mobile phone function, you have to think that in the next few years, to play mobile phone game network, mobile phone search, mobile phone watch the web, mobile phone conductor in the kitchen to help you cook, mobile phone video chat, mobile phone conference, mobile phone shopping and so on read more

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The user group characteristics

now, for ordinary users of the website different from the steel crane for the enterprise such as B2B website will generally find the right CPS advertising, the current domestic CPS alliance Yiqifa largest, there are dozens of shopping sites, including books, audio and video, digital, mother, cosmetics, clothing, air tickets other types of goods, Home Furnishing, almost all Internet users can meet the shopping needs.

advertising alliance:

registration is a very waste of labor for the project Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends are in a group, the main group commonly known as the boss will send you some tasks, let everyone to do registration to the salary is very low, but only for registered hand that can pay day, this kind of the registration task to see their time online, time registration, earn more, but I know for registration not a day can earn 10 yuan or more, and very strenuous. read more

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huge single product competition, brand flagship store was all carved up, rest and do not want to be neither hot nor cold, or too difficult, or the profit is too low. In a word, the gold rush has been carved up.

a few days ago in the A5 Adsense online to see, there have been Adsense found, sh419 for Taobao still has new action. Before sh419 has ah, on-line, Taobao announced the ban sh419, don’t let sh419 spider crawl any content on Taobao. It is this giant dispute, it gave birth to the Taobao alliance this money making project, only Taobao customers such Adsense groups. read more

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oral | celebrations of the times CEO Li Xueling interview, finishing | Zhai Wen Ting

so, we belong to the death squads. The fear of others did not dare to go, we are not afraid of death, and die.

YY was listed in November 21, 2012, and we call it "121" for short". 121, march. At that time, the whole American stock market was in a very bad state. Everyone doubts that YY will not go, or suspected to break up, the expectations of the entire market is relatively low. In the week of YY listed in the U.S. stock market with about 7 companies to seek listing, which has 4 directly back, did not appear; 1 have more than 18 times oversubscribed, but listed on the same day fell 18% and 1; their offer price by 3 dollars. read more

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however, because of the high rent costs and manpower costs in Beijing, the trend of domestic Internet start-ups has spread to other cities in the country since 2013. In addition to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen these major traditional Internet start-ups, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Wuhan and other places have become mobile Internet entrepreneurs new place to stay. Hangzhou due to the Alibaba that the first big Internet Co led many start-up companies, one of the two taxi software once the fast company was born here. While Chengdu began in 2013, has gradually become a mobile phone game business gathering place, and in Chongqing, there are some emerging mobile Internet Co is pregnant. And Qingdao, as the most developed city in Shandong, has also begun to give birth to some Internet Co. And in the next few years, these interconnections read more

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content, but the user’s identity, the attendant is large and small local branch She Qun. In essence, it is almost religious, and any commodity becomes a tribute. I know a net worth of billions of tyrant, Luo Zhenyu sold what he bought to buy. This routine seems commercially true.

that’s half a year ago, and we’ve already felt the irrationality of the market. Because the entire market does not fully understand the content logic and business logic. My personal analysis framework for content entrepreneurship is broadly divided into four categories. read more

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on Tuesday, a source of news passed through

      shlf1314_cpa_choice = " CAAQlOaNggIaCBjR-wPj5YIvKJDctIQB";

however, according to the Internet traffic monitoring agency Alexa monitoring data show that, after entering August, Sina, micro-blog traffic tends to steady, while single user page view has continued to decline since September.

      this is not alarmist; publishers can control shlf1314 Adsense display ads in any language. Not only in English, but if you wish to be Japanese, German, or Italian, there is no problem. In addition, you can control the content of the ad. If you want to be a virtual host, it will never display domain name ads. read more

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by 2008, my blog can be accessed separately via and And in 2008, no matter which domain name I access, I will turn to the latter, that is, there is a "www" in front of the domain name".

, about 07 years ago, Michael F Liu called on everyone to remove the WWW in front of the domain name. I thought so. A good domain name have been carved up, all his domain names are the elders, my account ( has 10 letters, front plus "www.", to direct visitors beat 4 times read more

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two months ago, the author of a supply information website officially launched, after nearly two months of operation, which mixed with sorrow, there is also sweet acid. Today I would like to share with you two months of website operation experience, I hope this article will help you to watch. Well, don’t talk nonsense first. Let’s take a look at it,

on-line the same day, Baidu, Google included

on-line two months later, that is, today’s collection of

you can see, the station on the line that day was Baidu included a page (home), and Google actually included more than 500, this is even happy. But behind is awesome, in a month not included the amount reached more than 900, today just more than 1200. read more

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Web Artist, only four simple words, but some people have given more meaning.

you will only do effect diagram template, you might say you will page art and others; you might cut the template, you might say you are the web; you may only change the CSS color code, you might say he is "art; you can only help others modification of a picture, you can also say that they are" art. So much, but please say so, but don’t take it as a moneymaking capital. Not at all "without the diamond and the hard porcelain."". Mistake one’s time and money, and injure one’s character and reputation. read more

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, after several years of website construction experience, has accumulated some experience, and share with you:

one, DIV+CSS

sites like this search engine, because he is more streamlined, reasonable code structure, open faster than TABLE!


two, static web page

The difference between a

static web page and a dynamic web page is that a static web page can reduce server compliance and read faster than a dynamic web page.

three, site content

no matter what kind of Web site, the content of the site is reasonable, does not affect the user experience. Like a lot of domestic websites, one opens is four or five popups, this kind of website will be turned off sooner or later, and another point is that the title of content should be consistent with the content of the website. According to Baidu, the search that his client, Baidu is obligated to serve his clients, we need the information in the search, if in front of the row is not consistent with the content, is not what we want, we can find out the website information, is selling computer, it is certainly not. Therefore, the title and content of the website must be relevant, so that the ranking of the website will be improved. read more

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in the previous article the author describes some personal views for the original article, in fact, in the previous article simply describes some skills needed to the original article, is to pay attention to the original in the commonly used way of writing and writing in place, but the author emphasizes here, even beyond the original article can notice that tells where not through the practical application, this article will be of no use in.

first of all, does the article use it in place?. Very simple, an article about the website construction technology of the article, you are telling the whole how to carry out the method and means on the construction site. But such articles are published on a female website or placed on a website for beauty and slimming, without expressing the content of the article. Perhaps for SEOer, this is an effective way to optimize, I do not discuss here. And for more original articles, your article content has a definite goal, no, is your article is a soft Wen, or a hard text, or pure emotion of the article, this all have exquisite. read more