Analysis the case of Shanghai Longfeng included comment-page-1 and replytocom repeat


1), closed comments in the background of the WordPress

1, comment-page-1 for repeat included, there are two ways to solve

in front of an article actually appeared a three directory, behind an article similar to dynamic web pages. This is not the two link address in my article, see the web page source code, see a little clue.



贵族宝贝stcash贵族宝贝/5273 replytocom=1989

click on the link, in addition to the original page,


robots.txt in the root of the site, you can see the node using the /robots.tx address > Settings



on the four corresponds to four replytocom, the love of spiders in Shanghai may have some intelligence, four replytocom site included only one, but not smart enough to distinguish the content of no comment link and the original link corresponding to the same.

Disallow: /comment-page-

data collected in the query site yesterday, see last week included article three times. The same site in two articles included duplicate either for the readers or the search engine is not good, a similar article was collected three times, and two became " waste " well, it is said that a large number of repeated collection of search engines will be punished (not verified).

comment-page-1 address is the same from the comments link, the first page of comment-page-1 represents the comment page. If I comment more, for example 1000 comments, then the page display is certainly not down, there will be comment-page-2, comment-page-3… This is… Comments function, this function is essentially prevent comment too much, "will be pulled very long, resulting in" slow loading and poor user experience. But unfortunately, love still fails to identify the Shanghai spiders and

2), modified robots.txt, plus a project code


I found that the two sources of replytocom=1989? URL: the comments link

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