Analysis ranking enterprise website drop right after the recovery of feelings

optimization is about selling coffee machine a corporate Web site, the site is the company in May this year to make a stand, a comprehensive revision of the < the domain name or the original domain name > as a comprehensive revision of the station if the treatment is not in place, the chances of being right down is very the large, and this station the revision, in the revision of this process in some places do not deal in place, the beginning of a period of time in July on the line when the ranking looks very attractive, but had no ranking even directly in the name of love Shanghai search company is not to search a few days. Site: the home page is not in the first, with before included Webmaster Tools query are slowly falling, the weight of 1 becomes 0. It is obvious Baidu punishment, then I is not scared, put this thing to reflect the company immediately, and a variety of reasons to be punished, then the author on the web site to do all aspects of diagnosis, found the domain name before hanging a yellow thousands of links and gaming network, at the same time also found that the space does not support the 404 page, there is the right to stand down for the website with IP. In the process of revision is not completely follow the Baidu website tools guide, this is the key reason for the right to be reduced, for other optimization made by the author, such as the construction site, the construction of the chain, research and layout of keywords, and the structure of the site of the problem, the author is no doubt place.


as a site of Shanghai dragon Er staff can be said that almost every webmaster will experience in the course of their optimization, optimization of their site is down right encounter, in my opinion this is for a qualified personnel of the Shanghai dragon Er test, when we encounter such a problem, do not be impatient, have to carefully review their own how to optimize your website is not made illegal Baidu algorithm optimization techniques, if they can diagnose the website, their best to do the site of a full range of diagnosis, if not diagnosis can make a suggestion to find a professional company to diagnose < company such as A5; stationmaster net is well-known station network, the company has a team of professional website diagnosis, to seek the help of > to find out the reasons, was down the right place, and then develop the corresponding optimization strategy, the The website is adjusted, especially in the process of the webmaster to maintain a set of heart and persevere spirit, if the site after their diagnosis and recovery of the weight, ranking it is very happy, is also a webmaster to mature, from rookie into the inevitable process of old bird, but also get some the optimization technology of their certification. Here to talk about the optimization of a web site on the sale of coffee machine is down right after to restore ranking feelings, hoping for some new Adsense or are in the right to be reduced the webmaster some inspiration.

second days I wrote a diagnosis scheme, analyzed several reasons of the site being punished, and the need to do the adjustment scheme and to the leadership of the company to do a detailed explanation. Then the first question is to have previously been hanging those yellow and gaming >

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