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Vernon Philander doubtful for opening Bangladesh Test

first_imgSouth Africa seamer Vernon Philander appears to be in doubt for the opening Test against Bangladesh later this month after pulling out of the first round of first-class fixtures, beginning next Tuesday.Though Philander is due to play for the Cape Cobras against the Knights in a four-day game, his franchise’s coach Ashwell Prince confirmed that that the 32-year-old would not be available according to Cricket South Africa (CSA) directive.”Vernon is not available for our first game in Bloemfontein. It is frustrating because we are not in control of the situation when it comes to national players. We adhere to Cricket South Africa’s guidelines, and we have been informed that a call will only be made on September 25,” Sport24 quoted Philander as saying.With all South African players making themselves available for the four-day fixture, new Proteas coach Ottis Gibson might not be happy that Vernon again has fitness concerns.It should be noted that the seamer has not appeared in any form of cricket since the third Test against England at the end of July.The first Test of the two-match series against Bangladesh will begin in Potchefstroom from September 28.last_img read more

Piecing Together the Maternal Death Puzzle Through Narratives: The Three Delays Model Revisited

first_imgPosted on January 3, 2013March 21, 2017By: Kate Mitchell, Manager of the MHTF Knowledge Management System, Women and Health InitiativeClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)PLOS ONE recently published an article, Piecing Together the Maternal Death Puzzle through Narratives: The Three Delays Model Revisited, that explores various socio-cultural and facility-based factors that played a significant role in maternal deaths in the Lilongwe district of Malawi between January 2011 and June 2011.Take a look at the abstract here:BackgroundIn Malawi maternal mortality continues to be a major public health challenge. Going beyond the numbers to form a more complete view of why women die is critical to improving access to and quality of emergency obstetric care. The objective of the current study was to identify the socio-cultural and facility-based factors that contributed to maternal deaths in the district of Lilongwe, Malawi.MethodsRetrospectively, 32 maternal death cases that occurred between January 1, 2011 and June 30, 2011 were reviewed independently by two gynecologists/obstetricians. Interviews were conducted with healthcare staff, family members, neighbors, and traditional birth attendants. Guided by the grounded theory approach, interview transcripts were analyzed manually and continuously. Emerging, recurring themes were identified and excerpts from the transcripts were categorized according to the Three Delays Model (3Ds).ResultsSixteen deaths were due to direct obstetric complications, sepsis and hemorrhage being most common. Sixteen deaths were due to indirect causes with the main cause being anemia, followed by HIV and heart disease. Lack of recognizing signs, symptoms, and severity of the situation; using traditional Birth Attendant services; low female literacy level; delayed access to transport; hardship of long distance and physical terrain; delayed prompt quality emergency obstetric care; and delayed care while at the hospital due to patient refusal or concealment were observed. According to the 3Ds, the most common delay observed was in receiving treatment upon reaching the facility due to referral delays, missed diagnoses, lack of blood, lack of drugs, or inadequate care, and severe mismanagement.Read the full article here.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Celebrating the International Day of the Midwife

first_imgPosted on May 6, 2013March 8, 2017By: Sarah Blake, MHTF consultantClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)The International Day of the Midwife was marked yesterday, May 5. The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) hosted the Virtual Day of the Midwife, a 24-hour series of presentations to mark the date. Midwives, advocates, researchers and others spoke on topics related to midwifery practice and policy around the world and recordings of their presentations are now posted online.However, the May 5 events were only the beginning. The celebration will continue for a few more days as organizations around the world make space for considering the vital ways that midwives contribute to the health and well-being of mothers and children everywhere. On Tuesday, May 7, at 2:00pm (EDT), Jhpiego and the Frontline Health Workers Coalition are hosting a “virtual conference” Twitter chat under the hashtag #IDMchat.In addition, the White Ribbon Alliance Tanzania has produced a video, “What I Want is Simple,” in which midwives from around Tanzania speak about their working conditions, tying their needs as workers to the challenges of securing respectful maternity care for all women. The video, along with an accompanying blog post are available on Impatient Optimists, the blog of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is currently hosting a series of guest posts by Frontline Health Workers Coalition, with new posts published every Thursday.For more, read the joint statement from the directors of UNFPA and the ICM on International Day of the Midwife, visit the ICM’s mini-blog series highlighting midwives’ roles in providing family planning services, or visit UNFPA’s slideshow and feature stories on the vital role in promoting maternal and newborn health.  And, check out the #MidwivesMatter Twitter relay or the ICM’s International Day of the Midwife resources.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Midwives, “the Frontline and Backbone of Maternal Health,” Face Difficult Working Environments

first_imgPosted on May 30, 2013August 15, 2016Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Our coverage of the Women Deliver 2013 conference continues–with a Storify featuring highlights from the second and third days  of the conference, this guest post by Sandeep Bathala of the Wilson Center.Midwives play a critical but unheralded role in maternal health. Their skills are sometimes marginalized in otherwise well-meaning discussions about professionalizing care, and, as was discussed at the Wilson Center earlier this month, they often work in conditions that undermine their ability to provide high quality, respectful maternity care. So when I found the room overflowing at Wednesday’s Women Deliver session, Midwives: Empowerment, Respect, and Quality, I took that as a good sign that midwives will not be overlooked much longer. Here are some highlights from the session:“Midwives are the frontline and backbone” of maternal health, said Pat Brodie of the Papua New Guinea Maternal and Child Health Initiative and WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Development. But, she pointed out, recruitment of midwives has failed to keep pace with need, in part because so many positions carry non-existent or low salaries, few incentives for success, little time off, and lack professional training opportunities.Gajananda Prakash Bhandari, Program Director at the Nepal Public Health Foundation  described how some issues such as the risks of walking long distances at night, or a lack of support husbands and mother-in-laws who prefer women stay close to their families can discourage women from becoming midwives. Bhandari noted that in places where midwives have higher job satisfaction and feel secure, there are notable increase in their use, which means healthier mothers and children. He proposed scaling up new community-based security committees to address concerns about the safety risks of traveling at night, noting that this could also protect midwives from abusive family members of pregnant women.Afghanistan is one of the least secure places in the world to be a midwife, and it has one of the world’s highest maternal mortality ratios. However, as Pashtoon Azfar, a regional midwife adviser for the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), pointed out, this was not always the case. In the 1950s, female members of the Afghan royal family were midwives and teachers of midwives, exemplifying the respect for midwifery at the time.  In fact, as Azfar said, the literal translation of “midwife” in the local language is “competent.” But, more than three decades of war took a severe toll on the country’s health system and under Taliban rule, women were denied access to education, and, as a result, there was an extreme shortage in female health providers, including midwives. As a result, maternal mortality skyrocketed: in the 1990s, the maternal mortality ratio was estimated to be 1,300 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. As Azfar pointed out, there have been major changes that Afghanistan in the past decade, particularly the revitalization of midwifery that has been part of health systems strengthening efforts, including an effort by USAID and Jphiego to advance midwifery. “Engagement of women in this profession has led to some level of political and social empowerment,” said Azfar. “However, still there is a long way to go.” For instance, the program is still addressing challenges related to policy development, selection criteria, recruitment, education, deployment, and supervision of midwives. But, there are clear positive effects already: participating midwives have reported increased self-confidence and economic benefits for themselves and their families, as well as a new ability to leave their homes, and midwifery has a bigger presence at the policy level.For more on this week’s news and events on midwifery, read UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Kate Gilmore’s op-ed, “Midwives do more than just deliver babies in The Hindu, check out coverage of the Second Global Symposium on Midwifery from UNFPA, the ICM, or follow the discussion on Twitter at #midwivesmatter, #midwives, as well as coverage of Women Deliver at #WDlive and #WD2013.  Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Poor Fetal and Infant Growth is Not Inevitable in Poor Countries

first_imgPosted on July 7, 2014November 4, 2016By: Katie Millar, Technical Writer, Women and Health Initiative, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)For the first time it can be said that fetal growth and birth size is not predetermined by genetics, but by the health status of the mother. Fetal growth and birthlength are incredibly similar when babies are born to well-nourished, well-educated mothers—despite diverse ethnic and genetic backgrounds.Today INTERGROWTH-21st, an international study led by researchers at Oxford University, published its first results paper of the project, which proves the previously held belief that size and growth of babies differ due to ethnicity and race is not true. This has tremendous implications on the importance of maternal health care and interventions.“Currently we are not all equal at birth. But we can be,” said the lead author Professor Jose Villar of the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Oxford. “We can create a similar start for all by making sure mothers are well educated and nourished, by treating infection and by providing adequate antenatal care. Don’t tell us nothing can be done. Don’t say that women in some parts of the world have small children because they are predestined to do so. It’s simply not true.”In order to study fetal and infant growth around the world, researchers studied nearly 60,000 pregnancies in eight defined urban areas in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Kenya, Oman, the UK and the USA. Using identical methodologies and equipment, researchers performed ultrasounds from early pregnancy through delivery to measure fetal bone growth and at delivery measured birth length and head circumference. This representative data is the first of its kind.But why is it so important to have these standards and understand what affects fetal and infant growth? Currently no single global standard for fetal growth exists, instead there are at least 100 differing standards, posing problems for both identifying and treating undernourished newborns. “This is very confusing for doctors and mothers and makes no biological sense. How can a fetus or a newborn be judged small in one clinic or hospital and treated accordingly, only for the mother to go to another city or country, and be told that her baby is growing normally,” said Professor Stephen Kennedy, University of Oxford, one of the senior authors of the paper. The standard produced by the INTERGROWTH-21st fixes this problem. The standard serves as a global standard for fetal and infant growth—the first of its kind—and is consistent with existing WHO standards for infants. For example, the mean length at birth of the newborns in the INTERGROWTH-21st study was 49.4 ± 1.9 cm, compared with 49.5 ±1.9 cm in the WHO infant study.The INTERGROWTH-21st growth standard will help maternal and neonatal practitioners around the world address the problem of poor growth. As of 2010, 27% of births around the world, or 32.4 million babies a year in low- and middle-income countries, are born already undernourished. Poor growth evident by small for gestational age babies has a significant implication on an infant’s start to life—putting them at increased risk of illness and death compared to babies well-nourished at birth. Small birth size also increases a person’s risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease in adulthood. In addition, caring for undernourished newborns puts incredible strain and economic burdens on health systems and societies.Until now it was thought disparities in growth were largely determined by unchangeable factors, like genetics. Now we know the ability to close disparities and ensure fetal and infant growth and health is in our hands. Professor Zulfiqar Bhutta, from The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan and the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada, who is the Chair of the Steering Committee of this global research team, says: “The fact that when mothers are in good health, babies grow in the womb in very similar ways the world over is a tremendously positive message of hope for all women and their families. But there is a challenge as well. There are implications in terms of the way we think about public health: This is about the health and life chances of future citizens everywhere on the planet. All those who are responsible for health care will have to think about providing the best possible maternal and child health.”Poor growth is not inevitable. Knowing that all babies can grow at the same rate empowers us to provide appropriate care—evidence-based care that ensures healthy mothers, healthy babies.To read the full article on these new standards, click here. In addition, more information about the INTERGROWTH-21st Project, including updates on the release of the new growth standards, can be found at its website: www.intergrowth21.orgShare this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Women in Philanthropy Profile: Martha Allen

first_imgLast March, Martha Allen became the new executive director of Extra Table, and in Martha’s own words, “time flies when you’re having fun.”Launched in 2009 by well-known Hattiesburg restaurateur Robert St. John, Extra Table makes a difference in the lives of Mississippians by fundraising to stock food pantries and soup kitchens across the state with wholesome, nutritious food; serving 39 food pantries and soup kitchens across 29 counties in Mississippi. In 2017, Extra Table shipped over 130 tons of food to pantries in need.“We’re out of food here.”In 2009, St. John received a call from the Edwards Street Fellowship Center—a food pantry that was helping feed 800 families a month—in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They had completely exhausted their food inventory and desperately needed help to make sure that they could supply their clients who would be showing up in a few days.A 30-year veteran of the restaurant industry, St. John figured the fastest, easiest way to get food to the pantry would be to call his food distributor, Sysco, place an order, and have the truck drop-ship the order at the agency’s doorstep the next day.Afterward, he wondered if other agencies throughout Mississippi, who were responsible for feeding those in need, were having similar problems. Skeptical that there was a hunger problem, he dug into the issue only to discover that he was living in the state that had the most food insecurity in the nation.On his tour of other food pantries and agencies, St. John learned that hunger and obesity almost always go hand in hand. If one doesn’t have enough money to purchase proper food at a grocery store, he or she will go to the nearest convenience store and eat junk. As a result, a primary element of Extra Table’s mission is to provide food that is healthy and conducive to pre-existing conditions and diets. The organization not only feeds people but makes a difference in the long-term impact that food has on a person, and in turn, their community, state, and resources.Feeding the Hungriest StateIn a small nonprofit, the executive director does everything. As Allen says with a laugh, “You’re the person who gets to lead the organization by day and scrub the floors by night.” By managing a team of interns from the University of Southern Mississippi as well as an active board who volunteer, she juggles an intricate system of schedules, communication, and delegation.“It’s not just about delegation; it’s about recognizing people’s talents and abilities. Much of what I’ve learned over the past 15 years is how to inspire and motivate volunteers in a way to gain their trust so that you are the person or organization they call when they have volunteer time. You must be smart about how you plug volunteers into supporting roles. You can’t ask the accountant to always do financial related things; that is their day in and day out job. How can you tap their talents and keep them fired up and feeling needed?”For example, Allen has found that you can ask the preacher to write a press release because, while writing sermons is their wheel house, press releases are a slight challenge. The hair stylist can recruit volunteers because they see many people on a daily basis. It’s about figuring out how everyone’s talents align with the jobs you need to get done. That insight evolves in a leader over time.Like many of the nonprofit leaders Network for Good works with, Allen didn’t set out to be an executive director. An art student with a degree in art history and interior design from the University of Alabama and a Masters in Architecture from Mississippi State University, Allen worked at Sotheby’s in New York and designed casinos with a Memphis-based firm. When she moved back to Mississippi, she knew she didn’t want to design schools and libraries, so she looked for another career quickly finding herself knee deep in the non-profit world.Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, Allen credits her ability to succeed in the nonprofit world to those southern hospitality roots. “Fundraisers are one quarter dinner party!” she says. Nonprofit work is all about developing relationships, sustaining those relationships, and sharing your message in an attractive way.Allen’s passion and desire to take care of others continues to drive her.“I think it drives a lot of women. You have to love something intensely and intimately to do this type of selfless work that requires long hours and depends on lots of delegation and balance. Everyone spends so much time at work, but nonprofit work is different. It’s all consuming. There are so many things you do to prepare before you even get to the office and in the evening after you come home. But I go to bed at night knowing I made a difference in the lives of people that can’t break the cycle of their current circumstances, and they just need help. They need a meal. Food is a basic human right. No one should be hungry. Many days their world is so dark and bleak, but the food that we provide gives them hope. It shows them that someone noticed them and that they’re important. I like being able to make that kind of imprint. In the nonprofit world you spend your time going the extra mile. Because that’s what makes a difference.”On Fundraising“I don’t mind a bit asking people for money when it’s making a difference! There are people with hearts of gold who don’t know what to do with their money. And there are people that make an extra $500 or $5 a month and they would love to be a part of something bigger than themselves.”For Allen, it’s all about being able to tell people about Extra Table and the impact they have. When she sees those same people with tears in their eyes say, “I want to be a part of this,” she knows she’d never leave something that makes that kind of impact. Extra Table launched their first year-end fundraising this year and surpassed their goal. They’ve been named Charity of the Year by multiple organizations. Still, Allen knows fundraising in the nonprofit world is hard work. There’s no product to sell like in the for-profit world. If funding goes away or the economy takes a downturn it makes things even harder.That may be why Allen says her greatest accomplishment some days is to just keep going, to constantly be inspired by the world around her and stay open to people“Everyone around you is important and has something to teach you. If you work hard, great things are going to happen. If I continue to work hard and keep learning and put one foot in front of the other and keep a good team around me, then positive things and great accomplishments are going to keep coming Extra Table’s way. It’s my mantra.”Women in Philanthropy is an ongoing blog series in celebration of Women’s History Month, featuring some of the incredible women Network for Good has the pleasure to work with.Read more on The Nonprofit Bloglast_img read more

Soldado: Facing Puyol was like war

first_imgBarcelona’s iconic defender Carles Puyol is the toughest opponent Roberto Soldado has gone up against during his time in La Liga.Former Valencia and Tottenham striker Soldado sealed a return to Spain’s top flight in July, signing with newly promoted Granada following two seasons at Fenerbahce.Soldado came through the ranks at Real Madrid, spending time at Osasuna and Getafe before excelling for Valencia, later joining Villarreal after a difficult two-season spell at Spurs. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? The 34-year-old singled out Barca and Spain great Puyol, who retired in 2014, as the most difficult match-up he has faced – even going so far as to describe their contests as a “war”.”I would say Puyol is the one who has made me suffer the most,” Soldado said, courtesy of La Liga.”I think it was like war with Puyol. He was the most aggressive defender there was, the most heavy-handed.”Then he was the one who complained the most. But, yes, there was a nice rivalry there and maybe he’s the one who has given me the toughest battles.”Though Soldado struggled to find form at Tottenham, scoring just seven Premier League goals for the capital club, he believes his time in England was crucial in making him a more rounded forward.”With the passing of the years, my spell in England changed the way I played,” Soldado said.”Before maybe I was a player who waited a lot in the box, who didn’t get involved so much and now maybe, after going to England, you change that a little.”I got more involved. But I know [Granada] have signed me to score goals and I’m going to do everything I can to score as many as possible.”I’m delighted to be back in the best league, especially after two years in an inferior league to this one.”The first two weeks I was here I did find it a little hard to keep up with the pace of training. The pace of training is higher here than in Turkey. But I think I’ve adapted well, I think I’m going to perform at a high level and I’m going to give everything I’ve got for my team.”Soldado also revealed some strict pre-match superstitions.”I always start to get change with my right side, I step onto the pitch with my right foot, I jump twice before going on,” he said.”They’re habits or obsessions that make you feel confident when you do them, even if they don’t make a difference.”last_img read more

‘I hope to have dinner with him’ – Ronaldo missing rival Messi

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo has said he hopes to have dinner with Lionel Messi sometime in the future after saluting their “good relationship” despite their longstanding rivalry.Messi and Ronaldo have been seen as the top two players in football for over a decade, with the pair managing to form a monopoly on Ballon d’Or for 10 years, winning five each.The 2018-19 campaign brought to an end the battle between the pair in La Liga, with Ronaldo departing Real Madrid for Juventus following a third straight Champions League triumph. Article continues below Editors’ Picks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream In addition, their stranglehold over the Ballon d’Or was ended, as Ronaldo’s former team-mate Luka Modric secured the award.But seated next to each other at the UEFA Champions League draw, the pair were seen conversing and appeared to enjoy one another’s company.When asked about it prior to the naming of the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, Ronaldo was full of praise for his rival, as well as admitting he hopes the pair can get dinner some time in the future.“We shared the stage for 15 years, me and him,” Ronaldo said at the Champions League draw. “I don’t know that it’s ever happened in football, the same two guys, the same stage, all the time. It’s not easy.“We have a good relationship. We’ve not had dinner together yet, but I hope [we will] in the future.“Of course I miss playing in Spain – we’ve had that battle the last 15 years, which is good. It pushed me and I pushed him as well.“It’s good to be part of the history of football. I’m there and of course he’s there as well.”Messi takes on RonaldoRonaldo was asked about rumours of a possible retirement at the end of the season, as well as if he might time his exit from the game to coincide with Messi’s.The Juventus star did note he has two years on his Barcelona counterpart, but promised to remain among football elite for the foreseeable future.“He’s two years younger than me, but I think I look good for my age,” Ronaldo said. “I hope to be here next year and then in two years and three years. So the people that don’t like me, they’re going to see me here.”While neither Messi nor Ronaldo could beat out Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk for the Player of the Year, the Argentine top his Portguese rival for award for top forward.And Messi matched Ronaldo’s praise, saluting his long-running battle with the Juve star.”With Cristiano, it was a beautiful rivalry,” he said.”It’s nice to score goals. The goal is always to try to do things to win, before scoring. But if you can win and score, then [it’s] better.”last_img read more

Simeone refuses to discuss Inter outcast Icardi

first_imgAtletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone refused to discuss rumours linking the club to former Inter captain Mauro Icardi. Inter outcast Icardi has been linked with a move away from San Siro throughout the transfer window and Atletico have reportedly emerged as an option. According to reports, Atletico are negotiating a deal to sign Argentina forward Icardi – who has been frozen out by Antonio Conte’s Inter – on loan.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream With the window set to close on Monday, Simeone was asked about his countryman but he told reporters: “I always say the same. “I can’t really speak about players that are not here. Obviously, I only speak about players that we have.” On the transfer window, Simeone added: “We still waiting for it to close to know definitively and exactly what players will be with us until December, because in December there is new options. “But it’s clear, I don’t want to keep repeating I would prefer it to be like it is in England where it’s solved before we start La Liga. So we can start with the whole squad we have for the season.” Simeone fronted the media on the eve of Atletico’s clash with Eibar at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium on Sunday. Atletico are set to be boosted by the return of star striker Diego Costa, who missed the team’s opening two wins of the season due to injury. “I have always declared the effect he has, Diego. I always said it and feel it,” Simeone said. “He is a very important player for the team and for this club. I hope that this season he shows this group just how competitive he is and how strong he is as a striker. “He has had a great pre-season and tomorrow he will kick off his league and for sure he will start that with a lot of ambition.” Atletico have opened the season with two wins from two La Liga matches, but the club have also scored just two goals combined in those matches.  They’ll face Eibar on Sunday and Real Sociedad on September 14 before opening their Champions League campaign against Juventus on September 18.last_img read more

Ronaldo & Mourinho wanted back in Spain

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho are wanted back in Spanish football by La Liga president Javier Tebas, with both men boasting strong ties to Real Madrid from the recent past.A five-time Ballon d’Or winner departed the Santiago Bernabeu during the summer of 2018, with a stunning transfer taking him to Juventus after nine record-breaking years with the Blancos.Mourinho, meanwhile, severed ties with Real back in 2013 after three years with the club that saw him break the title stranglehold of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona at one stage. Article continues below Editors’ Picks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream The Portuguese, who has since taken in spells in the Premier League with Chelsea and Manchester United, has been linked with a return to the Bernabeu.It is difficult to see how Ronaldo could be taken back to the Spanish capital, but Tebas says the door will always be open for two iconic figures as far as he is concerned.He told Canal 11: “I would like to have Cristiano Ronaldo back and for Jose Mourinho to be coaching a Spanish team.”He’s a great coach and a great name to promote our league.”Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel MessiRonaldo’s battle for collective and individual honours with Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi helped to make La Liga intriguing viewing to a global audience for the best part of a decade.Two modern-day icons are now operating on different domestic stages, but Tebas believes that has done little to dampen the interest in his product.He added: “I thought that his departure would affect us more to be honest. However, I prefer the Spanish league with Ronaldo in it than without.”The Premier League for many years had no Ballon d’Or winners, but was still the best league in the world.”That’s a great job on many levels.”Having helped to establish La Liga as one of the leading divisions on the planet, Tebas insists he is vehemently opposed to the creation of a Super League that could take the likes of Barca and Real Madrid elsewhere.He said: “We’re totally against it.”It has a different format than the Champions League and it would make the competition practically closed.”The format would kill the competition.”Economic interests would only serve the biggest clubs, at a time when we’re trying to promote competitiveness.”last_img read more

Report: Wales 1-0 Belarus

first_imgDaniel James maintained his impressive form for club and country by scoring the only goal of the game as Wales beat Belarus 1-0 in Monday’s friendly at the Cardiff City Stadium.The young winger has starred for Manchester United in the early weeks of the season and transferred his club form onto the international stage with an impressive winner 17 minutes into the match against a lacklustre Belarus side.Gareth Bale started the game on the bench and Ryan Giggs saw his side produce an improved display on the back of Friday’s disappointing late 2-1 victory over Azerbaijan in Euro 2020 qualifying. Article continues below Editors’ Picks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream Wales had chances to double their tally, with Bale guilty of missing a great opportunity, but in the end James’ second senior goal for Wales proved enough to make it back-to-back victories.1-0 | #WALBLRIn the moment of a goalscoring strike! #TogetherStronger— Wales (@Cymru) September 9, 2019Giggs’ men managed only three shots on target against Azerbaijan but they tested Maksim Plotnikov inside the opening seven minutes here, the Belarus keeper parrying Harry Wilson’s left-footed shot following a swift attack.Plotnikov could not get a hand to James’ fine curling effort into the bottom-right corner, however, with the winger collecting the ball from Jonny Williams and picking his spot after cutting in from the left.The hosts went close to doubling their lead seven minutes into the second half when Wilson’s whipped delivery went through a sea of bodies and came back off the post.Bale was brought on for James and missed a glorious chance around 10 yards from goal once picked out by Wilson, blazing over the crossbar with plenty of the goal to aim for.Belarus offered little attacking threat in the remainder of the game but Wales also struggled to create further clear-cut chances, meaning another narrow win in front of the 7,666 spectators in attendance.What does it mean? Giggs’ Wales building momentumSupporters voted with their feet by staying away from the quarter-full Cardiff City Stadium, but Giggs will be pleased that his side are steadily building some momentum – even if the performances have been far from great.After the disappointment of losing back-to-back matches in June, it is now successive wins for Wales and they will be feeling a lot more confident ahead of a couple of tough qualifiers in October that will make or break their Euro 2020 campaign.James becoming Wales’ key manJames was Wales’ liveliest player for large parts against Azerbaijan and he again proved to be their biggest threat before being replaced early in the second half by Bale, the player he is earning plenty of comparisons with early in his career.Wales still seeking a number nineGiggs handed debuts to Joe Morrell and Kieffer Moore, the latter being asked to lead the line. That continues to be a troublesome position for Wales and Moore, despite the odd promising moment, did not offer a lot to suggest he will retain his place in the side – though he could offer an alternative option from the bench in future.Key Opta Facts:- Wales have won four consecutive home games for the first time since March 1993 under Terry Yorath (six wins).- Belarus have lost all three of their away games against Wales, losing 3-2 in October 1998, 1-0 in October 2001 and 1-0 on this occasion.- Ryan Giggs has won four of his last six matches as Wales manager (L2), after winning only three of his first nine (W3 D1 L5).- Wales’ Daniel James has found the back of the net in four of his last six appearances in all competitions for club and country (four goals), after failing to score in his previous seven games.What’s next?Wales face two crucial Euro 2020 qualifiers next month as they travel to Slovakia on October 10 and welcome Croatia to Cardiff three days later, while Belarus have back-to-back home games against Estonia and Netherlands. read morelast_img read more

Mourinho: Man Utd were bad under me – and they’re no better now!

first_imgJose Mourinho blasted Manchester United after their dismal 2-0 defeat at West Ham on Sunday, saying they are no better now than they were under his management last season.Goals in either half from Andriy Yarmolenko and Aaron Cresswell consigned United to a second Premier League defeat of the season, while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are still without a win on the road domestically.Mourinho admitted that United were poor in the final season which saw him sacked as manager, but he said even the positive additions of Harry Maguire, Daniel James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka haven’t helped his former side. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream Time for another transfer? Giroud’s Chelsea spell set to end like his Arsenal career When asked on Sky Sports if he could find any positives from the performance, Mourinho was blunt.“No,” he said. “I can’t find any.“We were bad last season, but I don’t see any improvement this season, even with three new players. And I have to say, players with a positive impact.“I like the three. I think they are bringing some good quality to the team. But the team as a team, I don’t like at all. I’m not surprised by the result and I don’t think Ole can take any positives from the game.”United’s sorry performance was made all the worse by an injury sustained by forward Marcus Rashford in the second half, when the score was at 1-0.Marcus Rashford Manchester United 2019-20Rashford limped off the field in clear discomfort after dropping to the turf off the ball, appearing to hold his thigh.With Anthony Martial already out and Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez now at Inter, Solskjaer will be sweating on Rashford’s fitness. The striker was replaced by Jesse Lingard, with 17-year-old Mason Greenwood – the next-most senior forward currently available to Solskjaer – not in the squad.The defeat at West Ham was the first game this season United have failed to score in, but their unimaginative showing was indicative of a campaign in which they have struggled for goals.Their 4-0 drubbing of Chelsea on opening day was the last time they scored more than once in a game. After the upturn in goalscoring form which accompanied Solskjaer’s appointment as manager, it is a concerning trend for United.They will look to avoid further damage to morale at home to Rochdale in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday, before welcoming Arsenal to Old Trafford in the league next weekend.Games with AZ and Newcastle then precede a daunting home fixture against early Premier League pace-setters Liverpool. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Dzeko sidelined with double cheekbone fracture

first_imgEdin Dzeko is set to miss Roma’s trip to Sampdoria with a double fracture of the cheekbone, according to facial surgeon Professor Bruno Pesucci.Pesucci is a member of the Italian Society of Maxillofacial Surgery, the European Society of CMF, the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.Dzeko sustained the injury in Roma’s 1-1 draw at home against Cagliari on October 6, ruling him out of international duty for Bosnia-Herzegovina in their Euro 2020 qualifiers against Finland and Greece. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Ox-rated! Dream night in Genk for Liverpool ace after injury nightmare Messi a man for all Champions League seasons – but will this really be Barcelona’s? Are Chelsea this season’s Ajax? Super-subs Batshuayi & Pulisic show Blues can dare to dream Time for another transfer? Giroud’s Chelsea spell set to end like his Arsenal career Pesucci revealed that the 33-year-old’s injury is worse than first thought and would not be able to return until October 24 when Roma face Borussia Monchengladbach in Europe.He advised Dzeko should be among the substitutes for that Europa League clash, ready to make a full return to first-team action three days later against AC Milan.“It was a bad break,” Pesucci told Corriere dello Sport.“Initially, only the zygomatic arch seemed broken, but then we also found a fracture at the lower edge of the right eye’s orbit.“Osteosynthesis was necessary, with the use of a plate fixed by screws to stabilise the orbit. Only in this way could the fracture of the zygomatic arch be contained.“In other cases, I have worked on isolated fractures. Edin’s is more complex, because it is a double and therefore the stabilisation will take longer.“He must not be in a hurry. Edin still has pain. He had the operation on Monday, and he must feel comfortable for a week.“[I would advise] not participating in the trip to Genoa [to face Sampdoria]. He will resume physical preparations on Monday and will gradually be able to do some training with a protective mask.“If [Roma don’t need him off the bench against Gladbach] then he should return on October 27 against Milan.”Dzeko will be missed by Bosnia, having scored two goals in two games as they beat Liechtenstein and lost to Armenia in September.He has also scored four of Roma’s 12 Serie A goals this season, with the Giallorossi sitting fifth in the Italian top flight, seven points behind league leaders Juventus.last_img read more

Regional dragon boat championships coming to Vancouver Lake in 2019

first_img Teams compete at the Pacific Dragon Boat Association Championship races at Vancouver Lake on August 1, 2015. The site will host the 2019 regional championships. Greg Wahl-Stephens/for the Columbian Regional dragon boat championships coming to Vancouver Lake in 2019 Share: Receive latest stories and local news in your email: GO Published: October 23, 2018, 10:17pm Dragon boat racing dates back 2,000 years to China. A caller pounds a drum in the front of the boat to set the cadence and speed while a tiller in the rear steers the boat.Two lengths of dragon boats will be used in the competitions. A standard dragon boat is 48 feet long and holds 20 paddlers. Shorter dragon boats hold only 10 paddlers. Share: By The Columbian Vancouver Lake will be the host site for the 2019 Pacific Dragon Boat Racing Western Region Championships.The event, announced Tuesday, will take place Aug. 2-4.The event, held every two years, will determine teams to represent the United States at the 2020 International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships in France.Over 1,000 athletes, coaches and supporters are expected, with teams from up and down the West Coast and as far away as Arizona.This will be the second time in four years Vancouver Lake has hosted high-level dragon boat competition. The 2015 Pacific Dragon Boat Association regional championships drew more than 60 teams and 1,100 athletes to the lake. By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.last_img read more

Raptors capture first NBA title, beat Warriors in Game 6

first_img GO OAKLAND, Calif. — Kawhi Leonard raised his arms high in triumph and celebrated Canada’s first NBA championship.“We the North!” is now “We the Champs!”Leonard and the Toronto Raptors captured the country’s first major title in 26 years with their most remarkable road win yet in the franchise’s NBA Finals debut, outlasting the battered and depleted two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors 114-110 on Thursday night in a Game 6 for the ages.Stephen Curry missed a contested 3-pointer in the waning moments before Golden State called a timeout it didn’t have, giving Leonard a technical free throw with 0.9 seconds left to seal it. Leonard, the NBA Finals MVP for a second time, then got behind Andre Iguodala for a layup as the buzzer sounded, but it went to review and the basket was called off before Leonard’s two free throws. That only delayed the celebration for a moment.When it actually ended, the typically stoic Leonard could let it all out. A Canadian team — and we’re not talking hockey here — stood on top of one of the traditional major sports leagues for the first time since the Toronto Blue Jays won the 1993 World Series. Raptors capture first NBA title, beat Warriors in Game 6 Kawhi Leoanrd and the Toronto Raptors captured Canada’s first NBA championship Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard (2) and guard Kyle Lowry, back, celebrate after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in Game 6 of basketball’s NBA Finals, Thursday, June 13, 2019, in Oakland, Calif. (Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP) Photo Gallery 14 Photos This time, the Warriors were wounded.Golden State already was down two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant, who had surgery Wednesday for a ruptured right Achilles tendon. Then, the Warriors lost Thompson — and they couldn’t overcome just one more heartbreaking injury.This thrilling back-and-forth game featured 18 lead changes, nine ties and neither team going ahead by more than nine points.Curry scored 21 points but shot just 6 for 17 and went 3 of 11 on 3s. Iguodala added 22 for his biggest game this postseason as the Warriors did everything until the very last moment to leave a lasting legacy at Oracle.Thompson provided his own dramatic memory. He injured his knee when fouled by Danny Green on a drive at the 2:22 mark of the third, was helped off the court and walked partially down a tunnel toward the locker room, then — shockingly — re-emerged to shoot his free throws before going out again at 2:19. He didn’t return and left the arena on crutches. Share: Serge Ibaka pulled his head up through the hoop by the Golden State bench as the crowd chanted “Warriors! Warriors!” after a sensational send-off at Oracle Arena.Curry walked away slowly, hands on his head on a night Splash Brother Klay Thompson suffered a left knee injury and departed with 30 points.Fred VanVleet rescued the Raptors down the stretch with his dazzling shooting from deep to score 22 points with five 3s off the bench, while Leonard wound up with 22 points. Kyle Lowry scored the game’s first eight points and finished with 26 in all to go with 10 assists and seven rebounds.The Raptors pulled off a third straight win on Golden State’s home floor that said goodbye to NBA basketball after 47 seasons. And the Raptors did it with the very kind of depth that helped define Golden State’s transformation into a dynasty the past five seasons. By JANIE McCAULEY, AP Sports Writer Published: June 13, 2019, 10:58pm center_img Curry and these Warriors never, ever count themselves out. Yet down 3-1 in their fifth straight NBA Finals, they didn’t have the health it took to win the past two titles and three of the past four against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.TIP-INSRaptors: Leonard scored 732 points this postseason and on Thursday passed Allen Iverson (723) for fourth place and Hakeem Olajuwon (725) for third on the NBA’s single-postseason scoring list. James is second with 748 accomplished last year behind Michael Jordan’s 759 points in 1992. … Toronto 9-16 all-time at Oracle Arena but 4-0 overall this season.Warriors: Thompson 374 career postseason 3s passed James (370) for third place on the NBA’s all-time playoff list, trailing only Curry (470) and Ray Allen (385). … Thompson notched his second 30-point performance this postseason, 13th of his career and fourth in a finals game despite not playing the entire fourth quarter.FOR OAKLANDA gold rally towel read FOR OAK on one line and LAND on the next with the K and D lined up in white — a clever way to also pay tribute to Durant with his initials “KD.” Follow In their best Bay Area version of Jurassic Park — Toronto’s jam-packed gathering spot to cheer the Raptors — hundreds of red-clad fans stayed long after the game ended to watch the Larry O’Brien trophy ceremony. They waved the Maple Leaf and sang “O Canada” just as they did here after winning previously this series.Lowry’s hot start was almost fitting. It was the Toronto guard who got shoved on the sideline in Game 3 by Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens, now banned by the league and team for a year.The Raptors, in their 24th season of existence, rallied from two games down to beat the Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals then took down the mighty Warriors on their home floor to deny Golden State a three-peat.Raptors coach Nick Nurse knew minimizing turnovers would be key, along with knocking down more 3-pointers after going 8 for 32 on 3s in a 106-105 Game 5 defeat as the Warriors staved off elimination Monday in Toronto. The Raptors hit 5 of their first 6 from long range and finished 13 of 33 and converted 23 of 29 free throws. Follow The Columbian on Instagram Receive latest stories and local news in your email: Share: Coach Steve Kerr narrated a pregame tribute to Oracle’s legacy on the big screen.In the 2,070th game at Oracle, the Warriors sold out their 343rd consecutive game and said farewell at last to the place they called home for 47 years. Now, Golden State will move its games, practices and day-to-day operations to new Chase Center in San Francisco beginning next season.More AP NBA: and By signing up you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.last_img read more

KHM Travel Group Honored with Travel Leaders Network Chairman’s Host Award

first_imgMay 5, 2017 – At the 11th annual Power of the Partnership Awards Ceremony on May 4th, KHM Travel Group was recognized by Travel Leaders Network with the Chairman’s Host Award for U.S. Agency Affiliates. The Chairman’s Awards were presented to Travel Leaders member agencies with the highest supplier sales in 2016. The award is one of Travel Leaders’ highest honors, identifying KHM Travel Group as a leader in the field. KHM Travel Group’s President/CEO Rick Zimmerman, Event Operations Manager Beth Klubnik and Systems & Development Manager Megan Morse were on-hand to accept the award. “These awards recognize the outstanding achievements of our Affiliate Members over the course of the past year. Their unwavering dedication to their clientele, and the success they have had in using Travel Leaders Network’s technology and tools, along with their partnerships with our trusted suppliers, is clearly worth celebrating,” said Roger E. Block, CTC, President of Travel Leaders Network, in a press release. “We appreciate everything these agencies do to create unique vacation experiences and long-lasting memories, all while working diligently to provide the best value and customer service for every client. I’m very honored to recognize the exceptional achievements of each of these agencies.” The award winners were celebrated on stage during the 2017 Travel Leaders Network International Conference at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando in Florida.  KHM Travel Group is a member of the Travel Leaders Network, and is one of the nation’s leading host agencies, providing education, support, tools, and resources for independent travel agents around the country. To learn how KHM Travel Group can help you build a fun, thriving travel agency from home, call 1-888-611-1220 or visit read more

Playacar Palace Unveils Complete Transformation

first_imgRecently renovated luxury, all-inclusive  kicks  off 2018 with redefined  décor, decadent new culinary offerings, and newly designed  suites  MIAMI, Fla. (February 12, 2018) – Palace Resorts – the company that sets the standard in five-star, all-inclusive resort accommodations – is pleased to announce the reopening of Playacar Palace, the brand’s luxury retreat in Playa del Carmen, following an extensive, ​$14 Million Dollar, ​multi-phase remodel. This picturesque all-inclusive resort for couples, families, and groups rests alongside the turquoise waters and powdery white sands of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, just steps away from the world famous, Quinta Avenida. Since opening its doors to guests in December 2005, this is the hotel’s second phase of renovations. The transformation was designed to elevate the resort to the highest possible luxury standards. Renovation details include upgrades to guest rooms, lobby, front desk, restaurants, and lounge areas. Playacar Palace’s new interiors were envisioned by renowned architect, Roberto Elias & coveted interior designer, Francois Frossard, blending many contemporary, yet classic elements. Each of the 201-rooms boasts new décor, installation of modern furnishings, enhanced showers and vanity areas, top-of-the-line Lavazza coffee makers and advanced jets added to the in-room double whirlpool tubs. The property’s existing “Walk Out” suites now feature a private terrace which adds to the romantic ambiance. As a brand that’s always ahead of the technology game, suite access is now readily available, via state of the art wristbands allowing guests to open the door to their suites with a wave of the hand, utilizing their bracelet.  Keeping the keyless addition consistent, by downloading the Palace Resorts app which is  available in the App Store and Google Play, via their mobile phone, guests can also use it to open their room doors. Technological upgrades were also made to the property’s AC systems, featuring new hydraulic systems to ensure the resort meets eco-friendly standards. “As a brand, we are always looking to reinvent ourselves and elevate each part of any guests experience. It’s not only about being better but also about offering our guests a completely unique experience, while offering the highest quality of standards,” said Gibran Chapur, Executive Vice President of Palace Resorts. “The renovations to Playacar Palace are only one of the many ways, our brand continues to evolve and stay ahead of the most demanded trendy in the luxury all-inclusive We are proud to open our doors to the newly-revamped Playacar Palace.” Playacar Palace has also given its transcendent dining a new look and flavors. Reflecting a chic contemporary and sophisticated uplifting feel that includes new furniture, reupholstery, and ambiance at the property’s main restaurant, Café del Mar. The swanky spot now features a cold show cooking area which allows guests to see the artistic plating-style each dish as it receives its final touches before making its way to the table. In addition, the Italian cuisine restaurant formerly known as Terraza has reopened as Bocelli, sporting a new style and menu, that’s in-line with the brand’s sophisticated look and feel. The newly released menu features some premium quality Certified Angus Beef® cuts in tasteful signature dishes such as Controfilleto e Formaggio, Ribeye con Grani di Pepe and the ever popular Petit Filet. To accompany these flavorful dishes will be the brand’s own pasta which is created by an expert team of chefs in-house. Antonio Bachour’s  decadent desserts are also now part of the offerings at Bocelli.  Last but not least, Momo which is known for its traditional oriental cuisine features a new menu built to create a culinary sharing experience for the whole dining party. Featuring items such as Maki sushi, Nigiri, Special Sushi Cakes, Temaki and more. After the savory most definitely comes the sweets! Antonio Bachour’s decadent new desserts will be included throughout the property’s new culinary upgrades at each restaurant. As a brand which is continuously upgrading its culinary portfolio, Palace Resorts recently announced an exclusive partnership with Certified Angus Beef® making the brand, the first luxury all-inclusive resort chain in Cancun to offer only Certified Angus Beef® brand product. Adding to the culinary experience, the brand has also formed a partnership with talented pastry chef, Antonio Bachour. All Palace Resorts now feature an exclusive menu selection of decadent desserts and pastries, exclusively curated by Bachour. As the leader in the luxury all-inclusive space, Palace Resorts has demonstrated its dedication to improving the dining experience by aligning with top brands. In partnering up with one of “Star Chef’s” highly recognized dessert masters, the brand reinforces its passion for world-class culinary offerings, by bringing new delights to its guests Guests who book a stay of five nights or more are privy to the most valuable vacation promotion on record – $1,500 Resort Credit, which can be used on spa and beauty salon treatments, golf outings, romantic dinners, wedding packages, and off-site excursions and tours. Palace Resorts’ all-inclusive accommodations start at $172 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. To reserve your stay at Palace Resorts, please visit, call (800) 635-1836 or contact your preferred travel professional.  About Palace ResortsWith ten oceanfront resorts overlooking sparkling turquoise waters, Palace Resorts sets the highest standards for five-star all-inclusive vacations in Mexico and Jamaica. Offering luxurious and spacious accommodations accentuated by signature in-room double whirlpool tubs, nightly entertainment, the Caribbean & Mexico’s most extravagant spas, a premier Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, Palace Resorts sets the stage for a truly exceptional experience for travelers. The unparalleled level of service and comfort found at each property makes Palace Resorts a leading provider of world-class resort vacations. For more information, visit read more

Paul Gauguin Cruises Honored in the 2018 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards

first_imgBELLEVUE, WASH. – July 11, 2018 – Paul Gauguin Cruises (, operator of the highest-rated and longest continually sailing luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, the m/s Paul Gauguin, is pleased to announce that the line was awarded “#2 Midsize-ship Ocean Cruise Line” in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards 2018 readers’ survey. “We are thrilled to be recognized again in the world’s best midsize-ship ocean cruise line category,” said Diane Moore, President of Paul Gauguin Cruises. “Thank you to the readers of Travel + Leisure for this prestigious honor. It’s a testament to our talented staff, who provide exemplary service, Polynesian hospitality, and extraordinary experiences aboard our voyages in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the South Pacific.” The magazine’s esteemed annual readers’ survey reveals favorite cities, hotels, islands, cruise lines, spas, airlines, airports, and more. Cruise ships were rated in categories of cabins/facilities, food, service, itineraries/destinations, excursions/activities, and value. The full list of World’s Best Awards winners is available in the August issue of Travel + Leisure magazine and at Paul Gauguin Cruises has been recognized by notable publications in travel and lifestyle. In addition to its Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards accolades, the line was also voted as one of the “Top Small Cruise Lines” in the Condé Nast Traveler 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards and was honored on the publication’s 2018 “Gold List.” Paul Gauguin Cruises was also selected as “Best Small-Ship Cruise Line” in Global Traveler’s Leisure Lifestyle Awards for the third consecutive year. For more information on Paul Gauguin Cruises, contact a Travel Professional, call 800-848-6172, or visit read more

Mirai Seisakusho A Children Only Confectionery Store

first_img All the photographs inside the shop were taken by our brave child reporters.We handed them a small camera, waited for 20 minutes, and interviewed the smiling duo afterwards.”It was pretty bright inside, and there were four or five people making sweets,” told the boy with his eyes sparkling. “You can’t touch the sweets. You have to ask the staff,” said his sister.All the customers are children, but with the grown-up staff watching over them, the parents need not to worry. The delicious-looking sweets in the photograph above are yume fukkura, or plum dreams, priced at 160 yen, taxes included.”There’s a sort of a lottery that looks like roulette, with a winning number and a jackpot. Someone drew the winning number and got a sticker!”If the prize for a winning number is a sticker, you might wonder what the prize will be for the jackpot.This sweet is named matteru, literally meaning “I’m waiting” in Japanese. The waiting sweets are also priced reasonably at 160 yen. There also seems to be a capsule machine in the back.The two reporters continue to describe what is happening inside the dream factory. “They sell and also make sweets inside. We were surprised to see pictures on the walls and even anime! It was so fun, we want to come again”, they concluded. Thank you for your hard work!A Place Where the Children’s Communication Abilities GrowIt seems that at Mirai Seisakusho there is a variety of sweets in addition to the ones described here. However, if you want to know about them you must ask your child to explain. The children will try their best to tell, and the parents must listen. It is a great and natural opportunity to deepen the bond between the child and his or her parents.We asked Mr. Koyama, who is a patissier by trade, the reasons for creating this shop. Please take a look at this interview.Adults waiting in the tiny lobby can purchase the aforementioned matteru sweets at a vending machine. The price for three pieces is 500 yen including tax. According to Mr. Koyama, the symbolism behind the name of this sweets is about “a boss waiting for the staff to mature, a master hoping that the disciples become better, and a teacher waiting for the students to realize something important. It is all about those kind of situations, people trying to reach out and understand each other.”While we were doing our job by waiting for the child reporters doing rounds inside the factory, another boy proudly showed us the sticker he won in the lottery.This is the Mirai Seisakusho, seen from the top of the stairs located at the right side of the entrance. It is overflowing with greenery.No matter where they come from, there are no boundaries to children’s curiosity. Children from all over the world should visit Mirai Seisakusho, enjoy themselves and tell it to the parents, with their own words.Recommended Reads:The Mirai Seisakusho – A Children Only Confectionery Store!Enjoying Old Japan In Osaka At GRADO, The Bonsai CafeAkashiyaki: Akashi City’s Famously Fluffy Octopus Treat!Discovering Fossils At The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur MuseumInformationMirai SeisakushoAddress: Hyogo, Sanda, Yurinokidai 5-32-1Hours: 10:00-17:00Closed: Wednesdays* (If a national holiday, the patisserie will be closed on Thursday)Wi-Fi: Not AvailableCredit Cards: Not AcceptedLanguage: -Menus/Pamphlets in Other Languages: -Nearest Stations: Shin-Sanda Station (新三田駅) JR Fukuchiyama LineAccess: From the Shin-Sanda Station, take the route 44 Shinki Bus (神姫バス) and get off at the Yurinokidai Yūbinkyoku-mae (ゆりのき台郵便局前) bus stop.Price Range: From 160 yen and up.Religion: -Telephone: +81-79-564-3192Website: Mirai Seisakusho (Japanese only) Mirai Seisakusho, or the Future Factory, was opened in 2013 and it is located in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is a patisserie where adults have to wait outside, as only children up to 12 years of age are allowed to enter.Read also: An Interview With The World-Renowned Patissier Susumu KoyamaAccess from Osaka CityFrom JR Osaka Station, hop on the Fukuchiyama Line. Enjoy the passing scenery for 45 minutes until you reach JR Shin-Sanda Station.Having arrived at Shin-Sanda Station, look for the bus stop and hop on to the Route 44 Shinki Bus headed for Yurinokidai Kōen-mae from the bus terminal and get off at Yurinokidai Yūbinkyoku-mae.Patissier Es Koyama is located right in front of the bus stop. The founder, Mr. Susumu Koyama, is a world-renowned patissier himself. It is quite literally an amusement park of all things sweets. There are shops that sell freshly baked cakes, chocolate, ice cream and even a Baumkuchen factory, everything located close to each other making it convenient to navigate.Mirai Seisakusho, the “Future Factory”, is also located on the property. Let’s have a look.On to Mirai SeisakushoThere are visitors waiting to get inside even before the place has opened.This small waiting room is the furthest that adults are allowed to enter.Located in the back of the waiting room there is an opening too small for adults, accompanied with a warning.The message is clear: No Adults Allowed. We’re here to write a story but the rule concerns reporters as well. What should we do?We Hired Some Child Reporters!We decided to dispatch two siblings; an eight-year-old boy and his seven-year-old sister. This was their first visit to the factory, adding to the excitement that can be felt in the report.last_img read more

Hats Off To The Karakuri Yagura In Ningyocho Tokyo

first_imgThe History of Ningyocho and Karakuri YaguraNingyocho is a town in the Chuo ward of Tokyo. Although it is now an urban area, this town used to have an entertainment district where various theaters, including Kabuki theaters, lined the streets. Puppet shows were especially popular with the common people, as they were relatively cheap. So the puppeteers, who controlled the ningyo (puppets) also came to live in this area, and it was named Ningyocho.The theaters disappeared with the times, and there was nothing to remind the people of the past era. But in November of 2009, the Karakuri Yagura was built in memory of those days.Karakuri are automatons or mechanical puppets, while a yagura is a tall structure, like a tower. As it can be seen from afar, the tall structure was used by barkers, to call out to the prospective customers.Puppets are installed inside the Karakuri Yagura at Ningyocho. When the time comes, the puppets appear to entertain the passersby. This article is about the unique Karakuri Yagura and its puppets.1. Edo Rakugo Karakuri Yagura: a Gadget With an Edo FeelingThere are two stations at Ningyocho: the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line station and Toei Asakusa Line station. The Asakusa Line is connected to Keikyu Line and Keisei Line, both of which offer direct access to Narita and Haneda airports. To reach Ningyocho, it takes about 40 minutes from Haneda Airport, and about 90 minutes from Narita Airport, so it is convenient for visitors from abroad.At Ningyocho Station, head for the A1 Exit and turn left. The Edo Rakugo Karakuri Yagura is a short walk away.A clock is at the top, with three panels below it. No machinery can be seen. But when the minute hand points to XII……the music starts, and the curtain at the bottom box is drawn. A puppet reminding of a rakugoka (performer of rakugo, or traditional Japanese comic storytelling) starts moving left and right. A story about Ningyocho, told by the rakugoka Tatekawa Danko, starts.Then the three panels below the clock turn and the puppets appear. They are (from left to right) a fishmonger, a carpenter carrying a toolbox, and an attractive geisha.Samurai and townsfolk puppets appear on the opposite side. The show is only two minutes long, but it evokes the feeling of Ningyocho in the days gone by. Be sure to check the expression and clothes of the puppets.There is another Karakuri Yagura in Ningyocho. The following is about the Edo Hikeshi Karakuri Yagura.InformationEdo Rakugo Karakuri YaguraAddress: Tokyo, Chuo ward, Nihonbashi, Ningyocho 2-3Hours: 11:00-19:00Nearest Station: Ningyocho Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line)Access: One minute walk from A1 Exit of Ningyocho Station.Edo Hikeshi Karakuri Yagura: A Tribute to the FirefightersThe other Karakuri Yagura is located across the street. Head back to the A1 Exit of the subway station, follow the crosswalk to the opposite side, turn right and you will arrive at Edo Hikeshi Karakuri Yagura. Hikeshi is an old Japanese word for firefighter.As with the Rakugo Karakuri Yagura, this gadget also comes to life when the minute hand points to XII. A Kiyari, which is a work song sung by the log-carriers, flows from the speakers.The panel turns, and a puppet appears. The puppet, carrying a long stick, is doing the Matoi Furikomi.In the old days, a firefighter climbed up on the roof of a building with a decorated long stick called Matoi, to guide the other firefighters to the scene of a fire. This act was called Matoi Furikomi.The photo above shows the Hashigo Nori (ladder-top stunts). It is said that the ladder was used to look for the scene of a fire, and the training on the ladder evolved into doing stunts.At the end, the roof of the Karakuri Yagura rises and another Hashigo-Nori puppet appears, to perform at the height of eight meters.Both Karakuri Yagura comes to life on the hour from 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day. The puppets move animatedly, re-creating the feeling of the days gone by.Ningyocho is the perfect place to enjoy the puppets’ performance, as they were a part of this town.InformationEdo Hikeshi Karakuri YaguraAddress: Tokyo, Chuo ward, Nihonbashi Ningyocho 1-17Hours: 11:00-19:00Nearest Station: Ningyocho Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line)Access: One minute walk from A1 Exit of Ningyocho Station.last_img read more

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