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Four insights on giving from a philanthropist who is a psychologist

first_imgThe Chronicle of Philanthropy had a fascinating chat this week with Molly Stranahan, a psychologist and heiress to the Champion Spark Plug fortune who speaks on the importance of giving to personal fulfillment.The headline: GIVING IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE, NOT THE MONEY.Here are the four most interesting lessons in my view, with quotes from Stranahan.1. People aren’t philanthropists. Here is what Stranahan said about the term: “Ah, that term, “philanthropist.”! I think we have so many associations with it that aren’t appealing. I always envisioned rich, white men who give money to build wings on art museums or hospitals, and that it means that you aren’t doing anything useful yourself, wtih your time – you are only valued for your monetary gifts. In my experience, joy in giving comes from a feeling that I am making a difference. It is either because I can see the difference it is making related to an issue I care about, or because it is helping someone I care about do work that makes a difference to them.”2. People don’t like being treated as philanthropists. “As a donor, sometimes I feel like fundraisers see me as only the funds I might give. I find I am attracted when I am seen as a whole person. Ask me questions about my interests, engage in a conversation about the overlaps between what your organization does and my interests. Let’s learn together. And let me see the impact of the work.”3. People who give think of themselves as part of you – not your audience. “I like to think of the whole group of people involved in a charitable organization as a team – each providing a different type of energy to solve the problem at hand. Some provide their time (as staff or volunteers), some provide wisdom (often the the people affected by the problem), and some provide money. People like feeling connected to others, and if you help your donors feel like part of the team, you may be enhancing their happiness.”4. Data has its limits! “I am also aware that we are getting hung up on ‘measurable outcomes’ that can miss the deepest impact of the work of a charity. With Needmor’s (organization Stranahan supports) funding of community organizing, the part that most affected me was seeing how the community members who became leaders had changed. They could no longer be oppressed in the same ways as before. That isn’t really that measurable, but it is the impact that most excites me… When you care about the people in the organization, you get more committed.”last_img read more

Welcome AOL Do-Gooders!

first_imgToday, you get to choose which worthy cause to support!Through this site, you can search for volunteer opportunities or make a donation to your favorite charity – from a charity fighting a disease that’s touched your family, to the homeless shelter around the corner, or a rebuilding project in Haiti. There are over 1 million charities to choose from.To get started, search for your favorite charity in the search form to the right ►last_img

The journey you are on is a superhero’s story

first_imgStan Lee, former President and CEO of Marvel Comics, recently reflected* on how to weave a great story. He boils it down to a few elements that create a page-turner:1. A good guy trying to do something2. Facing insurmountable odds3. Who keeps getting in trouble in his quest4. So the reader keeps wondering “How’s he going to get out of this one?”5. Until after a lot of suffering along the way, there is a victory of sortsStan Lee focused his career on superheroes, but this advice surely fits your story. If you are trying to advance a cause, you know it’s a heroic struggle. You are on a journey to a far-off destination that may never be reached in your lifetime – an end to poverty, disease or prejudice, for example. There are a lot of obstacles along the way, and the quest is fraught with challenges. But you have your small victories, all the same.Are you telling your organization’s story as a dramatic struggle against the odds and celebrating the victories along the way? You should be. Take it from Marvel Comics — you’re got a rip-roaring page-turner all around you. Tell the tale with the drama and high stakes it surely merits. Because you want everyone pulling for you, each step of the way.*Thanks to Six Pixels of Separation Blog which is where I learned about the Stan Lee interview.last_img read more

Developing that “Business-Owner Mindset”

first_imgIn my book, I write about how the importance of reciprocity – that the best way to get is to first give. Nobody knows this lesson better than Ilise Benun, a Freelancers Union member and the mind behind www.Marketing-Mentor.com.Ilise is constantly ready (and eager) to help. Every time we’ve asked for her advice or her hand, she’s simply said, “Of course.” She is a textbook giver – helping not because she has to, but because she wants to.So when Ilise called me up to do a Skype interview for the Creative Freelancer Conference she was putting on, I cleared my schedule to make sure we could connect. I hope you like the back and forth – I really did.A quick transcript:ILISE BENUN: Hello everybody. This is Ilise Benun of Marketing-Mentor.com. I’m also the host and co-found of the Creative Freelancer Conference, which is being help this June 22-24 in San Francisco as part of HOW Design Live. And I am here with Sara Horowitz, who is the founder and Executive Director of the Freelancers Union. Hello, Sara!SARA HOROWITZ: Hello, Ilise.IB: I want to start with a couple of questions for you. One is I worked a lot of freelancers don’t know that there are forty two million of there out there that there are – that’s one in three, as I’ve heard you say — so I’m wondering if you can give us a little context for what you see.SH: I think the really big thing is that the idea of the forty hour work week job is just not how Americans are going to be working. Really all of us are going to be working project to project, gig to gig. When you start to look at that we see that it’s a third of the work force, according to the GAO. And also a lot of big companies like IBM are predicting that it’ll be half of the workforce. And it’s very much because we’re moving into a much more “just-in-time” kind of economy.IB: If more and more people are freelancing and a lot of people are being forced into freelancing essentially – not jumping up and saying “OK, I want to be a freelancer,” as much as they are many people who love the freedom of it. Is it possible to cobble together enough money to save for retirement, put someone through school, support yourself as a freelancer?SH: You raise really important issues because what I think is happening is this is the work that’s here. We’re not going back. It’s not full-time jobs with generous retirement and health insurance benefits. And so we ask ourselves these questions about how am I going to afford the things that i always could afford. And so it may not be that we devise the perfect life this year, but that we start to be on the road to do the things that we can do.The first is to deal with what’s here and realize that you need to form a network and join organizations that help you learn how to do this. And you find mentors and other people. But that we also have advocacy view that says “if we’re gonna work like this then let’s start looking at things that we need as workers that enable us to be sustainable.”IB: And what are those things we need as workers?SH: Well, I think there are some really basic things like you should be able to put away some pre-tax money because everybody lives a feast or famine lifestyle as a freelancer. So you need to have and ability to put away pre-tax talent that you can use during the course of the year paying the monthly bills that are not feast or famine. And they come in the first of every month.Another is to start to recognize entities like Freelancers Union and Freelancers Insurance Company and plenty of other kinds of associations and groups should be able to group people together so that people can get the kinds of things that they need, whether it’s group retirement or everything from vacations and travel to other the things that you need for tax advisors. This is not going to be coming from government but these are services that all of these businesses are going to need so all these people do well.IB: Just one last thought before we wrap it up. It seems to me that there’s an employee mentality and a self-employed mentality. I see a lot of these really ambivalent freelancers really wanting the freedom of freelancing but not sure that it be able to pull it off. What I’m trying to teach is a business owner mindset, where you are proactively going after that work you want and getting for yourself what you need. It sounds like that’s what you’re talking about.SH: Definitely. I think one of the things we have to do is almost change our words, because I think that many freelancers don’t see themselves as business owners and many business owners don’t see themselves as freelancers. So let’s forget all the labels and just say that right now it’s very DIY. If you’re not doing these things, you’re going to suffer. Yes, in the future, we shouldn’t make it so hard to be creative. Let’s imagine a world where we started really making it so much easier and you didn’t really have to be a starving artist.So it’s a combination of things. Number one, yes, you are definitely not going to be like an employee were you walk in at nine and you get your assignment and no matter what your walk out and you get your paycheck. Those days are OVER. And you very much have to have that mindset.But you also have to realize that you are not going it alone. And as you will coach anybody, the person who thinks they’re on their own is the first person who will be extinct. It is biodiversity. It is networks. It is interconnection.That is how you will get your work and send out your SOS’s. That is how you will help your friends. That is how, in the long run, you will do well.IB: It really is a complete mind-shift it seems to me on the part of the freelancers as well as the rest of the people who are going to be hiring them.SH: In the truth department, freelancers have to keep their expenses down. You have to be nimble. And that could be looked as “You have got to stop spending.” But really it’s a way to say, “Do you need all that stuff?” Maybe there’s a life where you can start to have the time to do the things that you want to do and you don’t really need all those consumer things and you allow yourself to have this feast or famine lifestyle. And I think that’s just the truth. And that’s not saying that you’re giving up or that we don’t have an advocacy agenda. It really is a different life and I feel like successful freelancers know that. They’re sort of less cluttered people.IB: Maybe we should also not call it feast or famine any more because that has such dramatic connotations. Maybe it’s the “wave economy” or something?SH: That’s true and it’s a really good point because I feel like we’re really thinking about biodiversity and sustainability. That really is a life. You know, everyday has sunshine and everyday has rain. It’s just part of what it is going to be. And if you accept that, it won’t be so frightening. It’s just, “Oh, this is my downtime.” And maybe we even start to be able to measure so that you know that every year you bet six or eight weeks of a hard time. And if you’re at twelve weeks, something’s wrong. If you’re at four weeks, OK, you can maybe chill. I think that’s what starts to help us build up our own strategies. And I think that’s what you’re talking about about having a business owner mindset. You look at your cash flow. You look at it and have a way to analyze it and therefore have some control over it.IB: All right, let’s give people some places they can go for more on this topic. I know that freelancersunion.org is the place where they can sign up for free and become a member for free and get all the benefits. I love also your new blog – I don’t know if you call it a blog – Dispatches. Tell us about that and where to find it.SH: You can find it at freelancersunion.org/dispatches. What I’m really trying to do is while I’m building freelancers union with freelancers, there are all these interesting ideas and people who are doing really great things right now, on the ground. So that we can say this isn’t pie in the sky. It’s not 25 years from now. It’s happening right now. And so that’s why it’s a dispatch. Who am I talking to? Who are freelancers meeting with? Who are these interesting people and what are their ideas?last_img read more

Our Choice: Watch the Economy Happen to Us — or Shape It For Us

first_imgI’ve been saying for a long time that freelancers are the leaders of the new economy, and now the market is starting to realize it, too.Companies are suddenly targeting independent workers, trying to win them over as customers.You’ve got jobs marketplaces like oDesk, staffing firms like Elance and peer economy companies like Airbnb. The big Kahuna, however, is the real estate industry, which is opening up new co-working spaces faster than you can count.It’s great that freelancers are receiving all this attention: People are gaining access more gigs and professional services, and it’s always good to have more choices.But with so many businesses diving in, it’s important to make sure companies have freelancers’ interests in mind—not just profits.We’re witnessing the creation of a brand new market, and the new rules haven’t been set. Right now, in the developmental stage, is our best chance to shape the next economy. We can decide which types of companies we want to succeed.Here’s what I mean:I’ve been traveling around the country to promote The Freelancers Bible and host discussion groups with members. Naturally, I do my events in co-working spaces, since that’s where the freelancers are—and I’ve noticed these spaces undergoing monumental change.Most of the early co-working spaces were locally-owned operations, where members and owners collaborated to keep improving, and there was a sense of community.We’ve held events at places like 3rd Ward, in Brooklyn, and Collective Agency, a cooperative workplace in Portland, Oregon. These places are charming and feel very DIY. And because they’re locally-owned, revenues stay local.In the past year or two, the number of co-working spaces has exploded. Real estate firms see the rising demand and the profit potential and can’t resist.There are stats backing this up: the number of co-working spaces worldwide has tripled since 2010, according to a census conducted last year by Deskwanted, a global network of co-working spaces. The census counted 731 shared workspaces in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Harvard Business Review estimates that demand will increase by 40% in 2013.But many of the new spots are increasingly corporate, and you can see the metrics taking over: Companies are calculating the minimum square footage required per person and packing people in for greater density.On the one hand, it will likely result in lower costs for independent workers, as more people are crammed into the same space. So if your top priority is a cheap workspace, that might be fine.But the sense of community slips as the work environment becomes more crowded and stressed. When corporate interests take over, they can raise prices or cut amenities without input from members, leaving freelancers subject to the whims of a distant headquarters.We can watch these market transformations happen — or we can participate and try to shape them.The next time you join a co-working space, find out who owns it and if their business model works for you.We’re in the fledgling stages of this new economy, and we can have a say in what types of companies dominate. Co-working spaces are just one example of what’s coming down the pike.It’s time to start making decisions that give us more power, not less.last_img read more

Share your best #FreelanceTaxTips for a chance to win a tax consultation

first_imgNeed help dealing with a legal issue? Download the Freelancers Union app to connect with a lawyer committed to helping freelancers and who understand the freelance life.Tax time is upon us… and we’re just as unhappy about it as you are.Luckily, with our community of over 250,000 freelancers nationwide, we don’t have to struggle through it on our own.So this week, we’re asking all of you — our freelance experts — to share your best tax tips.If you could tell your freelance peers one thing about doing their taxes, what would it be?Let us know on Twitter using #FreelanceTaxTips and you could win a prize!What’s the prize, you ask?One lucky freelancer will win a tax consultation with our freelance tax expert, Jonathan Medows.**3 runners-up will win a Freelancers Union gift bag that’ll include a tote, a copy of the Freelancers Bible by Sara Horowitz, and more.But what about those of you who have never done this before — or those who (understandably) still have questions?One thing you can do is pick up a copy of our new e-book, The Freelancers Union Guide to Taxes, on sale now for just $1.99.You can also appeal to your fellow freelancers by joining the conversation in our Hive, “Ask Your Tax Questions” — a place where independent workers are helping each other navigate the complicated world of taxes.Lastly, don’t forget to attend our monthly Spark event! Tonight, in 15 cities across the country, we’ll be hosting a freelance tax workshop that will also include a Q&A with a tax expert. Are you in one of those 15 cities? If you are, you certainly don’t want to miss this.So freelancers, what’s your best tax tip?The consultation is a) for consultation only, b) does not involve computations, and c) does not involve reviewing 2014 tax returnsClick here to see our full contest ruleslast_img read more

Liverpool keen to rebound after heavy Manchester City loss, says Simon Mignolet

first_imgLiverpool are eager to put behind the heavy Premier League loss to Manchester City and bounce back during their Champions League game against Sevilla on Wednesday, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet has said.Manager Juergen Klopp oversaw his heaviest Premier League defeat as 10-man Liverpool were beaten 5-0 at the Etihad, after forward Sadio Mane was sent off for a high challenge on City goalkeeper Ederson in the 37th minute.Liverpool will return to the Champions League group stages after a three-year absence from the competition and Mignolet said the team were focusing on the positives.”We have to take the first 20 minutes and how we played before the international break and take it into the next game,” Mignolet told British media.”Of course we can’t neglect the performance after that – we have to keep it in mind – but we have another game midweek when we can prove ourselves again.”That’s probably a good thing, the game comes early and we can put things right, change it again.”Senegal international Mane, who will serve a three-match domestic ban after receiving a direct red, was likely to feature in the mid-week game while Brazilian playmaker Philippe Coutinho could make his first start of the campaign.Coutinho missed Liverpool’s opening league fixtures and their Champions League qualifiers due to a back injury but featured in Brazil’s 2018 World Cup qualifying matches.”We thought it best to give him three or four days proper training and then he’ll be available for us, which is very good news,” Klopp told the club’s website. (www.liverpoolfc.com)advertisement”Phil is a fantastic player, and hopefully we can use him as quickly as possible.”Liverpool will host Burnley at Anfield in their league match on Saturday.last_img read more

Vernon Philander doubtful for opening Bangladesh Test

first_imgSouth Africa seamer Vernon Philander appears to be in doubt for the opening Test against Bangladesh later this month after pulling out of the first round of first-class fixtures, beginning next Tuesday.Though Philander is due to play for the Cape Cobras against the Knights in a four-day game, his franchise’s coach Ashwell Prince confirmed that that the 32-year-old would not be available according to Cricket South Africa (CSA) directive.”Vernon is not available for our first game in Bloemfontein. It is frustrating because we are not in control of the situation when it comes to national players. We adhere to Cricket South Africa’s guidelines, and we have been informed that a call will only be made on September 25,” Sport24 quoted Philander as saying.With all South African players making themselves available for the four-day fixture, new Proteas coach Ottis Gibson might not be happy that Vernon again has fitness concerns.It should be noted that the seamer has not appeared in any form of cricket since the third Test against England at the end of July.The first Test of the two-match series against Bangladesh will begin in Potchefstroom from September 28.last_img read more

Hope Solo says she has settled grievance with US Soccer

first_imgHope Solo has settled a grievance with US Soccer over her suspension from the women’s national team following comments she made at the Rio Olympics.The settlement was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. The 35-year-old goalkeeper was suspended for six months and her contract with the federation was terminated after she called the Swedish team “a bunch of cowards” following the U.S. team’s quarterfinal loss.Details of the settlement, reached last month, were not released. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Players Association filed the grievance on Solo’s behalf.In a statement provided Friday to The Associated Press, Solo reiterated her regret over the comments.”As I expressed in my apology to the Swedish captain immediately following the match, I have tremendous respect for the Swedish team, and in describing the style of play, I used a choice of words that was both offensive and not at all what I had intended to convey,” she said.”We have amicably resolved the matter and are moving forward in a positive way,” she added.U.S. Soccer also put out a statement. “Hope Solo has been a fierce competitor for the Women’s National Team. She has set new standards for goalkeeping in the U.S. and around the world, and helped the U.S. Women’s National Team achieve its historic on field success. We have amicably resolved the matter and are moving forward in a positive way,” the statement said.The players’ association declined to comment.Solo anchored the team in goal for the 2015 Women’s World Cup victory, allowing just three goals in seven games with five shutouts during the tournament — earning her a second straight Golden Glove Award.advertisementAP PhotoFor her career, Solo has made 202 total appearances with the national team, with 153 wins and an international-record 102 shutouts.The defending champion U.S. women were ousted from the Olympics last summer when Sweden advanced 4-3 on penalty kicks following a 1-1 draw.Solo’s “cowards” quote came immediately following the loss. Sweden went on to play in the gold-medal match against Germany.Solo told the AP in an interview late last year that she spoke to coach Jill Ellis and U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati following the loss, and felt that the issue was put to rest. After she returned to the United States, she said she was blindsided by the announcement about her suspension.She said she believes U.S. Soccer wanted her off negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. Solo has been an outspoken advocate for equal pay and was among the players who filed a complaint against the federation with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging wage discrimination.”Let’s call it what is, which is a firing,” Solo told AP then. “It was a termination of my contract effective immediately with severance. That is a firing. It wasn’t a suspension, that’s what they told the media because it looked better. But I got fired. I got fired for what they say was using the word ‘cowards’ but in reality they got rid of an adversary in the fight for equal pay.”U.S. Soccer said at the time that Solo was suspended following a culmination of actions, and separately her contract was also terminated with the team.last_img read more

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 to support wireless charging, iris scanner, Mi Band 3 launch also expected

first_imgOver the past few weeks, we have heard rumours of the Mi Mix 2s and Mi 7 flagships that Xiaomi is expected to launch in the coming months. The other phone that has seen some mild rumours but is also just as likely to launch soon is the Mi Max 3, Xiaomi’s phablet that will succeed last year’s Mi Max 2. Apart from sporting a 7-inch 18:9 display and a massive 5,500mAh battery, a new report suggests the phablet will also support wireless charging and an iris scanner.XDA Developers found some new information via firmware files obtained by @FunkyHuawei, the person behind FunkyHuawei.club service. According to the firmware files, the Mi Max 3 will be powered by a Snapdragon 660 chipset. However, the report was updated to suggest that the phablet may go with a Snapdragon 636 SoC instead, which will be an upgrade over the Snapdragon 625 chipset powering the Mi Max 2. Additionally, the firmware re-confirmed that the Mi Max 3 will house a large 5,500mAh battery and an 18:9 display, although the screen resolution could not be confirmed.Notably, the MIUI Keyguard APK revealed strings related to wireless charging, which suggests the Mi Max 3 will get the feature. This won’t be surprising since Xiaomi joined the Wireless Power Consortium late last year. Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship Mi 7 smartphone is also rumoured to come with wireless charging support and will likely be the company’s first smartphone to do so. Apart from this, folks at XDA Developers also found some interesting information regarding the Mi Max 3’s cameras. The rear will either feature Sony’s IMX363 sensor or Samsung’s S5K217+S5K5E8 dual camera setup. The front camera will could get a S5K4H7 sensor from Samsung, but more interestingly, it may also get a sensor for iris scanner.advertisementALSO READ: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro gets Face Unlock with MIUI OTA updateReportedly, the front auxiliary sensor will be the OmniVision 2281 which “leverages a 1.12-micron pixel with PureCel technology to enable accurate, reliable iris recognition for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks,” as per OmniVision’s official page. However, it is still unclear whether the sensor will be ready for the Mi Max 3 as it is still in-development. The firmware also suggests that Mi Max 3 will run Android 8.1 Oreo out-of-the-box. Other minor details revealed include dual-SIM support, dual-SD card support, IR blaster, LED light among other things.To recall, the mid-range Mi Max 2 was launched in India in July 2017 at Rs 16,999 to compete against the Samsung Galaxy On Max and Honor 8 among others. The Mi Max 3 is also expected to come with a similar mid-range pricing if and when Xiaomi launches the device in India.Xiaomi Mi Band 3 launch expectedSeparately, Xiaomi is also expected to launch the Mi Band 3 soon as the fitness tracker recently got Bluetooth certified. The certification doesn’t reveal much about the Mi Band 3, but it does seemingly confirm Bluetooth 4.2 support. One also expects general fitness features such as heart rate sensor, pedometer, and calorie counter to come with the Mi Band 3. There is no word yet on when Xiaomi plans to launch the Mi Band 3, but we should hear more about the upcoming fitness tracker over the next few weeks.last_img read more

Harmanpreet Kaur joins Punjab Police as Deputy Superintendent

first_imgHarmanpreet Kaur, the captain of the Indian women’s Twenty20 cricket team, joined the Punjab police as a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), on Thursday. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Director General of Police (DGP) Suresh Arora pinned the stars on her uniform.”Proud to join DGP Suresh Arora in pinning the stars on the uniform of this young cricketer @ImHarmanpreet as she takes over as DSP in @PunjabPolice. This lady has done us proud and I’m confident she’ll continue to do so. My best wishes are with her,” Amarinder tweeted.Proud to join DGP Suresh Arora in pinning the stars on the uniform of this young cricketer @ImHarmanpreet as she takes over as DSP in @PunjabPolice. This lady has done us proud and Im confident shell continue to do so. My best wishes are with her. pic.twitter.com/0yuDOdr6j7Capt.Amarinder Singh (@capt_amarinder) March 1, 2018WATCHHarmanpreet, who was serving in the Indian Railways, was relieved from her duties after she put in a request to join Punjab police. Punjab chief minister had also taken up the matter with the Railway Ministry to waive off the bond condition and allow Harmanpreet, who is a native of Moga, to join as a DSP in Punjab.Notably, as per the bond signed with Indian Railways, the cricketer could not be relieved till the completion of a five year term or she would have to return the salary of five years.Harmanpreet had already completed three years of service as Office Superintendent at Western Railway before she resigned from the Railways last year.advertisementThe Punjab chief minister had offered the DSP post to Harmanpreet in July last year, following her scintillating performance in the Women’s World Cup 2017.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

Roger Federer beats Jeremy Chardy to reach Indian Wells quarter-finals

first_imgWorld No.1 Roger Federer eased past Jeremy Chardy 7-5 6-4 to breeze into the quarter-finals at the Indian Wells on Wednesday.The 36-year-old surrendered just three points on serve in the opening set and took control of the second with a crosscourt backhand winner that broke Chardy when tied at 4-4.”I like his play. He hits it big, has a big serve, big forehand,” said Federer, a five-time champion at Indian Wells.”The wind picked up, so you never know what’s going to happen. But I think we played really good tennis for most of the match.”Federer needed just one hour and 22 minutes to move to 15-0 for the year. The last time he began a season 15-0 was 2006 when he would finish the year with 12 titles and three Grand Slams.Federer will next face South Korea’s Chung Hyeon, who defeated Uruguay’s Pablo Cuevas 6-1 6-3. It will be a rematch of their Australian Open semi-final in January when Chung had to retire due to blistered feet.Juan Martin del Potro, a runner-up in Indian Wells in 2013, battled a bad back to outlast Leonardo Mayer 3-6 7-6(2) 6-3.”I was surprised by Mayer’s level today,” del Potro said. “I think I was very smart during the tiebreak. After that I turned the match around and took control of the points.”Next up for the Argentine is Germany’s Philipp Kohlschreiber, who advanced with a 6-4 7-6(1) win over France’s Pierre-Hugues Herbert.Kevin Anderson beat Spaniard Pablo Carreno Busta 4-6 6-3 7-6(6), the South African recording 16 aces in a victory that took him to a last eight tie against Croatian Borna Coric, who defeated American Taylor Fritz 6-2 6-7(6) 6-4.advertisementSam Querrey, the lone American remaining in the men’s draw, reached the quarters with a 6-3 6-4 win over Feliciano Lopez of Spain.(With inputs from Reuters)last_img read more

Nidahas Trophy: Rubel Hossain ‘feeling terrible’ after conceding 22 runs to Dinesh Karthik

first_imgA crestfallen Bangladesh pacer Rubel Hossain, who leaked 22 runs in the 19th over to help India claw back chasing 167 and win the final of the Nidahas Trophy Twenty20 International (T20I) tri-series, wants to be forgiven by fans.”I am feeling terrible after the defeat. I never thought I would be the reason for Bangladesh’s defeat. We were so close to winning in the final but because of me, we lost. I want to apologize to the fans and ask for forgiveness,” Rubel was quoted as saying by Bangladesh’s leading newspaper Prothom Alo.Nidahas Trophy: Virat Kohli doffs his hat to Dinesh Karthik after Colombo heroicsWicketkeeper batsman Dinesh Karthik (29 runs off eight balls) played a brilliant cameo towards the end, hitting a six off the last ball to win the final for India, who chased down Bangladesh’s 166/8.Have learned how to finish chases from MS Dhoni, says Dinesh KarthikKarthik came into bat with scoreboard reading 133/5 at the end of 18 overs. He announced his arrival at the crease by smoking two sixes and a four off first three balls from Rubel. In the next three deliveries, Karthik accumulated six runs which left India needing 12 off the last over.Dinesh Karthik exclusive: Tried to remain as calm as possible before that last ballThe drama further unfolded when India needed five runs in the last ball. Kathik slammed a flat six over extra cover off Soumya Sarkar to clinch the issue.Nidahas Trophy: Sunil Gavaskar’s ‘Naagin’ dance during commentary stint upsets Bangladeshi fansadvertisementThe Bangladesh captain, in the post match press conference, backed Rubel.”To be honest he did not miss much of the plan when he bowled. I don’t know if there are many batsmen who can come and hit a six off the first ball, the next for a four and then again a six,” Karthik was quoted as saying by The Daily Star.(Source: IANS)last_img read more

Mark Waugh to step down as Australian selector

first_imgMark Waugh announced on Monday that he would step down from the post of Australian national selector when his contract ends later this August, after serving almost four years at the job.The 52-year-old Former Test batsman will continue to remain on the Cricket Australia panel for the upcoming tours to England and Zimbabwe as a part of his current deal, but he will not renew his contract when it runs out on August 31.Announcing the news, Waugh said it was a really tough decision to opt to not continue at his role, adding that he had thoroughly enjoyed his time with the national selection panel.”I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the National Selection Panel, and it has been a tough decision to choose not to continue in my role,” cricket.com.au quoted Waugh as saying.”Working alongside my fellow selectors, the coaching staff and players over the past four years has been a privilege, and I’m proud of the achievements of the Australian teams across all formats in this time,” he added.Waugh seems to have resigned from his role as his career as a television commentator takes shape.The Australian legend recently signed a Fox Sports’ commentary team, which along with the free-to-air Channel Seven won the rights to broadcast the Australian summer of cricket in a six-year deal worth almost A$1.2 billion.Waugh, who appeared in a total of 128 Tests and 244 ODIs for Australia, had joined the four-man national selection panel of Australia in May 2014.advertisementHowever, Australia’s poor performance in T20 internationals prompted a split of the panel, with Waugh taking on a role specialising in the national T20 side in March 2017.Waugh’s resignation comes just few days after Dr Bob Every AO stood down from his position in the Cricket Australia (CA), after serving the board for almost three years.Earlier this month, Justin Langer also replaced Darren Lehmann, who announced his resignation as head coach of Australia in the aftermath of the massive ball-tampering scandal that sent shock waves through the sporting world.(With inputs from ANI)last_img read more

Thank you India but this is just the beginning, says Sunil Chhetri

first_imgThe past fortnight has been massive for Indian football. Skipper Sunil Chhetri touched international 100 caps, fans turned up in huge numbers at the stadium to support their national team in the Intercontinental Cup 2018 and India clinched the trophy by beating Kenya 2-0 in the final.The most striking part of the Intercontinental Cup turned out to be the massive crowd that made it to the Mumbai Football Arena, the wheels of which were put in motion after Chhetri put up a video pleading fans to flock to stadiums for India matches.Except for India’s opener against Chinese Taipei, after which the captain made the appeal, the next three matches including the final saw a full house.The skipper thanked the fans for their support and urged them to sustain the buzz around Indian football.Also read – Sunil Chhetri’s achievement must not be overshadowed by Messi’s greatness”Thank you so much this is just the beginning. Every time we play for our country come up and support us in numbers. We’ll try our best to give you a show,” Chhetri told IndiaToday.in.The Bengaluru FC player shared he was hurt to see a thin crowd during India’s match against Chinese Taipei forcing him to record the video. India’s inaugural match against Taipei, which the hosts won 5-0, was watched by a little over 2000 people at the Mumbai Football Arena.”There were no emotions man, there were no thoughts. It was just something which I thought in the morning after the game against Chinese Taipei. I didn’t think too much before making the video, it was just in one take. And I didn’t even think before uploading it,” said Chhetri.advertisementAlso read – 2018 Intercontinental Cup: Virat Kohli lauds Sunil Chhetri’s Team India”Very happy with the traction it got. Thankful to all the eminent personalities who jumped in and spread the word and eventually when you see the stadium packed it feels good.”As India lifted the Intercontinental Cup trophy, once again, the charismatic captain was the source of inspiration behind the Blue Tigers’ successful run as he scored eight goals in the tournament including the two in the final.Chhetri, however, is not ready to rest on his laurels. With 2018 Asian Cup in his sight, the 33-year-old wants India to play more away games in order to get ready for the big boys.Also read – Sunil Chhetri brace helps India lift 2018 Intercontinental Cup”It’s just preparations,” Chhetri said. “To just play against Kenya and New Zealand brings different challenge. They were very organised that gave us a different challenge. We are happy that we got those games.”It’s very very important that we get more games, preferably away because our away form hasn’t been great. And also against tougher opponents because for sure UAE, Thailand and Bahrain are going to be three-four levels up. So we need to be as prepared as possible. I hope when we regroup in December, everyone comes prepared and improved,” Chhetri added.Also read – Aim to break into top 10 in Asia first, World Cup later: Sunil ChhetriWhile it was a convincing win in the final, India succumbed to a disappoint 2-1 loss to New Zealand in a league match of the tournament. The loss also put India’s weak bench strength in the spotlight and Chhetri admits that team needs to improve on multiple fronts ahead of the Asian Cup.”We have to improve a lot. We worked hard that’s why we won the tournament. New Zealand and Kenya were good opponents but Asian Cup opponents are going to be of different level. No matter how much we improve it might still be less. So it’s important right now to keep your head down and keep improving,” Chhetri said.Also read – Comparisons with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo unfair: Sunil ChhetriChhetri was in New Delhi on Monday to congratulate the kids picked as India’s official match ball carriers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia under the initiative by KIA motors.last_img read more

Ben Affleck and Gavin O’Connor to reteam for ‘The Has-Been’

first_imgLos Angeles, June 12 (PTI) Ben Affleck is set to collaborate with Gavin O’Connor for sports drama “The Has-Been”.The 45-year-old actor will be seen essaying the role of a former basketball star who succumbs to substance abuse after he loses his wife, Deadline reported.In an offer to save his life, he turns to mentor an ethnically blended secondary school group.O’Connor, who previously directed Affleck in 2016’s “The Accountant”, is anticipated to helm the project.Warner Bros is trying to seal the deal on a spec script by Brad Ingelsby. PTI RB RDSRDSlast_img read more

World Cup 2018: Cristiano Ronaldo best in the world, says Portugal coach

first_imgCometh the hour, cometh the man and where football is concerned there is no man quite like Cristiano Ronaldo.The Real Madrid forward was superb in Portugal’s 3-3 World Cup draw with Spain on Friday, giving his team the perfect start with a penalty, putting them 2-1 ahead and popping up at the death, cool as you like, to whip home a free kick and complete a magnificent hat-trick.”I have said it so many times,” Portugal coach Fernando Santos told reporters. “Cristiano is the best in the world.”World Cup 2018: Cristiano Ronaldo strokes his chin to signal he is GOATThe hottest debate in football over the last decade has been between those who think Ronaldo is the greatest and those who prefer Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.With both players now into their 30s – Ronaldo is 33 – the Russia World Cup could be the last chance for them to stake their claims at international level and the Portuguese made the best possible start.Also Read – Ronaldo’s 51st hat-trick and Nacho’s sensational goal: Football at its bestHis three goals against Spain made him the oldest man to score a hat-trick in the World Cup Finals and only the fourth to net in four consecutive global showpiece tournaments.Known for his impressive physique, Ronaldo is often criticised for his preening but on a warm and humid night by the Black Sea, coach Santos lauded his striker not for his muscles but for his mind.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGEadvertisement”More important than his physical form is his mental form, he has incredible mental endurance,” Santos said. “He is in great physical shape and has an incredible mind and that is what makes him one of the best in the world. He raised the team, he had absolute trust in the team.”In a television debate this week, Brazilian great Tostao called Messi the better of the two stars but his assessment came with a kicker that rang all the more true after Friday’s man of the match performance.Ronaldo, he said, “is perhaps the greatest goalscorer in the history of football”.No one who watched his clinical performance in Sochi could disagree and they will be eagerly awaiting more.The good news is there is almost certainly more to come.When the pressure is on, Ronaldo is the main man.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

World Cup 2018: Croatia’s Vida apologises to Russia for Ukraine comments

first_imgDomagoj Vida on Wednesday apologised for speaking out in support of Russia’ s neighbour and adversary Ukraine after Croatia defeated England in the World Cup 2018 semi-final.Spectators at Wednesday’s match in Moscow booed and whistled the Croatia centre back, after a video posted online earlier in the week showed Vida, a former player with Ukrainian club side Dynamo Kiev, saying “Glory to Ukraine!”.”I know I made a mistake and I would like to apologise again to Russian people,” Vida said, speaking in Russian in a live post-match interview with the Rossiya 24 state TV channel late on Wednesday.”I’m sorry. That’s life. You have to learn from your mistakes,” he added after their 2-1 extra-time win.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGERussia’s relations with Ukraine have been fraught since Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 and backed pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.The booing and whistles rang out each time Vida touched the ball in the semi-final against England, starting about 30 minutes into the first half.It did not appear to be coming from sections of the stadium where England supporters were concentrated. There were significant numbers of Russians in the stadium.Also read – Croatia played an ‘extra match’ to reach historic World Cup final: Key statsWorld football’s governing body FIFA ruled that Vida’s comments in the video were not in keeping with tournament rules about political neutrality and its disciplinary committee issued a formal warning to the defender.FIFA hit Ognjen Vukojevic, a member of Croatia’s coaching staff who appeared in the video with Vida, with a 15,000-Swiss-franc (11,400 pounds) fine. Vukojevic was fired from his role with the national team.advertisementAlso read – World Cup 2018: Ivan Perisic living the dream as Croatia create historyIn an earlier statement released by the Croatian Football Federation, Vida, 29, said his comments were not intended to be political and were related to his former career with Dynamo Kiev.”Our intention was not to offend anyone… I sincerely hope that this message will not be understood as anything else but an expression of gratitude to our friends in Ukraine for their support,” Vida said.Croatia will face France in the World Cup final on Sunday.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

AFI apologises as tweet over Hima Das’s English skills sparks controversy

first_imgAthletics Federation of India (AFI) has issued an apology after commenting on Hima Das’s English-speaking skills on Twitter.AFI had posted a video on their Twitter account after Hima’s semi-final at the IAAF World Under-20 Championships in Finland two days back.”#HimaDas speking to media after her SF win at #iaaftampere2018 @iaaforg. Not so fluent in English but she gave her best there too. So proud of u #HimaDas Keep rocking & yeah,try ur best in final!,” AFI had captioned the video.How Hima Das compares with PT Usha and India’s other sprint queens#HimaDas speking to media after her SF win at #iaaftampere2018 @iaaforg Not so fluent in English but she gave her best there too. So proud of u #HimaDas Keep rocking & yeah,try ur best in final! @ioaindia @IndianOlympians @TejaswinShankar @PTI_News @StarSportsIndia @hotstartweets pic.twitter.com/N3PdEamJenAthletics Federation of India (@afiindia) July 12, 2018The Federation later posted an apology but also clarified that they didn’t mean to mock Hima’s English but were only trying to say that the sprinter is not scared of anything and takes on all kinds of challenges, be it on the track or off it.Hima Das’ parents offer prayers of gratitude as daughter creates historyTWEET ! , ! , ! , !Athletics Federation of India (@afiindia) July 13, 2018, , DELETE ! ! , ! !Athletics Federation of India (@afiindia) July 13, 2018Hima captured the imagination of the world after creating history by becoming the first Indian to win gold at a track event in ongoing World Championships on Thursday.Watch Hima Das run for glory and gold at Under-20 World AthleticsadvertisementCongratulating Das, AFI President Adille Sumariwalla said, “Very proud of Hima for creating history. It is one of the proudest moments of my life and for Indian athletics. Congratulations to Hima and her coaches, the government and SAI for their support to AFI.”Hima Das reacts after historic 400m gold: Thank you for the support, IndiaThe 18-year-old recorded a time of 51.46 seconds in the 400m race and joined the illustrious company of star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who won a gold in Poland in the last edition in 2016 in a world record effort. In fact, Das is the first Indian track athlete to have won a medal in the history of this competition.Sachin Tendulkar salutes golden girl Hima Das: Start of a new eraThe previous medal winners at the World Junior Championships were Seema Punia (bronze in discus in 2002) and Navjeet Kaur Dhillon (bronze in discus in 2014).pic.twitter.com/oLmmhuyD9eHima Das (@HimaDas8) July 13, 2018Hima Das dominates Twitter trends in India after historic gold medalDas is the first Indian track athlete to have won a medal in the history of this competition.Das was the favourite to win gold as she is the U-20 season leader in this quarter-mile event. Her rise has been nothing less than meteoric as she took up serious running only last year.Das had earlier clocked an Indian U-20 record of 51.32 seconds to finish sixth in the Commonwealth Games 400m final in Gold Coast in April.Since then, she has gone on to improve her timings. She lowered the Indian U-20 record in 400m to 51.13 seconds while winning gold in the recent National Inter State Championships in Guwahati.last_img read more

Building Resilience to Climate Change in Niger

first_imgClimate change poses a major threat to the world’s 2 billion rural poor, but sustainable natural resource management can help developing countries like Niger adapt to the threat. (See World Resources Report 2008.)Droughts and desertification associated with climate change will hit Africa hard. Already, more than 300 million (out of 930 million) Africans live in drought or drought-prone areas. And a 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report found that by 2020, climate change will expose an additional 75-250 million on the continent to water shortages.In Niger, the Sahara desert has been moving further south into the country’s semi-arid Sahel region, overtaking farm plots and displacing Niger’s rapidly growing population. Rakia, a 35-year-old mother from the region, said of the worsening conditions: “In the past there was water in the watering hole for six or seven months, but now the watering hole is not enough.” (Watch a video of Rakia’s story here.)Many of Niger’s citizens–60 percent of whom live on less on less than $1 a day—will face similar challenges as they struggle to grow crops in the Sahel’s sandy, nutrient poor soils, made less productive by the increasingly scarce and erratic rainfall predicted under changing climate.Niger: An Unlikely Success StoryTrends in Vegetation Index in Niger: 1982-1999But in the face of overwhelming adversity, Niger has experienced an unprecedented, farmer-led “re-greening” movement that has reversed desertification and brought increased crop production, income, food security, and self-reliance to impoverished rural producers. (Read the full World Resources Report 2008 case study on Niger (PDF, 2.3 Mb).)Along with other soil and water conservation programs, the key vehicle for this remarkable transformation was farmer-managed natural regeneration, or FMNR–the adoption of simple, low-cost techniques for managing the natural regeneration of trees and shrubs.Over many decades, Nigerien farmers had cleared their fields of vegetation, leaving what turned out to be an “underground forest” of living stumps and roots. FMNR is based on the regeneration of native trees and shrubs from these mature root systems, which promote surprisingly fast re-growth and allow trees to be trimmed and pruned to maximize harvests. The farmers use the tree branches for firewood, while the fruits and bark go toward food and medicine. The trees’ roots minimize soil erosion while their leaves fertilize garden plots. A number of international donors and NGOs began testing the concept with Niger’s farmers in the 1980s—the soil productivity in the original plots visibly improved, and the farmers had a consistent source of firewood for cooking.Following FMNR’s visible initial successes, farmers throughout Niger’s Sahel region began to experiment with tree regeneration. As thousands of households made impressive gains in crop yields and incomes in a short time period, the practice spread from farmer to farmer and from district to district, driven by self-interest. Because regenerating trees requires no financial outlays for materials or equipment by poor, risk-averse farmers, FMNR was well suited to such spontaneous self-scaling. (Read more about the importance of scaling.)The simple and cost-effective practice of farmer-managed natural regeneration has provided an impressively wide range of benefits for Niger’s impoverished rural communities. By 2007, between a quarter and half of all the country’s farmers were involved, and estimates suggest that at least 4.5 million people were reaping the benefits. The results over the last 20 years speak for themselves:About 200 million trees have been protected and managed by farmers.At least 250,000 hectares of degraded land have been restored to crop production.Vast expanses of savanna devoid of vegetation in the early 1980s are now densely studded by trees, shrubs, and crops.With trees now carpeting land that was barren within the last ten to twenty years, Niger’s farmers have produced one of the most visibly successful examples of natural resource management in the world today.A Cushion Against Climate ChangeFMNR and other land management techniques have made many of Niger’s farmers far more resilient in the face of population growth, desertification, and climate change.This progress can extend beyond Niger. For other Sahelian countries facing the same future, FMNR offers a cheap and effective model to improve farm productivity and reclaim land from the dunes.Development experts and NGOs are hopeful that region-wide expansion of FMNR and other proven land management programs will help Sub-Saharan Africa adapt to the rainfall shifts anticipated under climate change.last_img read more

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